The World's Strangest Time Zones

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The logical way to divide a spinning planet into time zones would be to draw 24 latitudinal lines on the globe, leaving equal areas for each time zone. But that doesn't work for people who live with real life geography, national borders, and human nature. Countries did not adopt standard time all at once, and politics plays a big part. So we have some extra time zones that set their clocks a half-hour different from their neighbors, and some places that could use more time zones. RealLifeLore explains some of the weirder anomalies in global time. -via Digg

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Like Zulu Time (GMT) in the Army. Places like Calais Maine and St. Stephen New Brunswick are two times zones (Atlantic and Eastern) across the river and border from each other. That was odd.
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Having worked in jobs where locations were maintained across the globe, time zones were one of the toughest things to deal with. Originally, we kept times on servers local to the location. This kept customers happy, but caused other issues. Every support team had to translate the time to their own locale. It was double the pain when you have to work across teams. This was even harder when individual countries would update time zone rules for short periods of time(EX. Egypt would change it for ramadan which is different every year).

Eventually we decided "set everything to UTC!" Still a pain, but at least you only have to do one conversion to local time instead of constantly looking it up.
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"The World's Strangest Time Zones"

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