The Art of Nut Milking

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The dairy industry wants to restrict the word "milk" to the products of mammal lactation, in response to the growing use of almond milk, soy milk, cashew milk, and other drinks used as a milk substitute. It's more a matter of business than semantics, as the dairy industry still has no problem with the words "peanut butter." Nor are they worried about milk of magnesia or milkweed. In response, Know Ideas Media visited a third-generation almond milk producer, played by Tyler Duffy, to find out exactly where almond milk comes from. Warning: unless you have the world's cleanest mind, you'll find this video full of double entendres. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Don't quite remember my original reaction to lactose-free milk. I remember lactose-free ice cream though. Took *blech* to a whole new level. Loved almond milk the first time I tried it. Just the regular kind - not sweetened or flavored. Coconut milk is pretty popular, but it kind of limits the flavors to vanilla based stuff. Ben & Jerry's and So Delicious are now using almond milk and what used to be an occasional premium treat for me is now my go to for ice cream. Awesome stuff.
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Would lactose-free milk work for you? I love the taste of milk but couldn't tolerate regular 2% (or fat-free *blech*) milk. But lactose-free milk didn't give my body any trouble and it tastes better than almond or soy milk.
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This is pure gold. Four years ago, I'd never heard of Almond Milk. Three years ago, I suddenly lost the ability to process milk (and more importantly, ice cream). Nuts to the rescue! What defines 'milk' for me? Anything I can put on my fruit loops or use to make ice cream.

The dairy industry needs to take a deep breath and relax.
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"The Art of Nut Milking"

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