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Here Are Designs From My 25 Most Favoritest NeatoShop Artists

Golden Believer by Hillary White

I've been doing promotion for the NeatoShop for about four years now and created promo posts for hundreds of artists to showcase their awesome artwork available to print on demand on all kinds of shirts in the NeatoShop.

In that time I've seen all kinds of designs come through the shop, good great and otherwise, and some of the designs these artists create just speak to me.

These 25 NeatoShop artists in particular, presented in no particular order, make the kind of designs I want to wear on my chest, the kind of designs that make me happy and define what it means to be a great t-shirt designer.

So let's start the list with the gal so nice she's included twice- Hillary White. Hillary's radical retro designs are so frickin' silly and funny and amazing looking I've been in love with her artwork from the very beginning

Power Nap by Hillary White

BeastPop blows me away with his amazing illustrations, wicked awesome sense of humor and design ideas that totally pop


Doomcat's designs are so darn cute and fun it's impossible to keep from smiling while looking at them

Horror Park by Dooomcat

And even though Steven Rhodes is a recent addition to the shop his crazy cool retro designs definitely fit right in with the rest of the great designs found in the NeatoShop!

Pyrokinesis For Beginners by Steven Rhodes

Rocky Davies was doing the whole retro thang before it was cool, and his 80s-inspired designs are still among the coolest ever created

A Knight To Remember by Rocky Davies

Poopsmoothie's designs are the definition of cartoon cool and always get lots of love from geeks

Hang In There, Rocket by poopsmoothie

Medusa Dollmaker's illustrations blow me away, and her dark subject matter thrills me to the bone

THE WITCH by Medusa Dollmaker

Tobe Fonseca's designs are simply awesome, with a wide variety of subjects and styles all of which look great on a tee

I'd Rather Be Reading by Tobe Fonseca

Vincent Trinidad creates bold designs that will stand the test of time, and his retro style designs are especially cool for cats

Hell Yeah 3! by Vincent Trinidad

Ed Harrington has a wicked sense of humor and wicked smooth linework to match

Drinking Problems by Ed Harrington

Megan Lara is an amazingly talented illustrator with a design aesthetic that makes her designs unique and always worthy of praise

He Abides by Megan Lara

Prime Premne creates the kind of designs that make geeky hearts soar, and his drawings are always fun to look at

Attack the People by Prime Premne

Scott Sherwood has a dark and geeky sense of humor that I love, and even though some of his designs disturb me I can't look away...

Froggy Style by Scott Sherwood

Karen Hallion loves the same things I do, and her impeccable illustrations really bring each geeky scene to life

Who Shall Not Pass by Karen Hallion

Kenny Durkin loves the Muppets as much as I do, and the way he renders them in his crazy cartoony style makes my heart sing

Groovy Mayhem by Kenny Durkin

Chip Skelton's artwork covers all kinds of genres, from sci-fi to anime to comic books, but my favorites are his renderings of horror icons, especially this horrifyingly cool rendition of The Bride of Frankenstein

The Bride by Chip Skelton

Harebrained Design has a really slick cartoony style that makes their designs amazingly eye-catching and super duper cool

TGIF13 by Harebrained Design

Kinda Creative creates the kind of designs that get people talking, like this Deadpool tee that is guaranteed to get the wearer lots of love at any and every Con in the world

Nice Shirt by Kinda Creative

Tomburns comes up with great designs that are sometimes controversial, sometimes funny but always really fun to look at

Mousetrap by tomburns

Fernando Sala is the king of the geeky mashups, and the characters he chooses to use make me so happy every time I look at his designs

RALPHAEL by Fernando Sala

Emilie Boisvert is a simply amazing artist with some great designs in the shop, but this Rocky Horror Picture Show inspired piece really speaks to me

Don't Dream It, Be It by Emilie Boisvert

Louisros has such a cool style and such a geeky sense of humor that his designs delight me to no end

Cool Story Bro! by louisros

Captain RibMan has come up with some fantastic designs over the years, but this design will always be a straight up classic

Star T-Rex by Captain RibMan

And last but certainly not least we have Ddjvigo, a guy who seems to have no limitations when it comes to illustration, and whether he's doing super realistic, cartoony or artistic his designs just blow my mind!

Threeller Moon by ddjvigo

Well folks, that's it for me. I've had a blast writing promotional stories based on all of your designs for the NeatoShop, and if your designs didn't make it onto my top 25 list I apologize, but you were probably number 26! Thanks for four great years of geeky fun, catch you all on the flipside!

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