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5 Amazing Things Invented by Donald Duck

Disney's Donald Duck has been around for more than 80 years, and has appeared in more movies than any other Disney character. Donald and his extensive family have always been ahead of their time. How else would we have so many great things that were first seen in cartoons and comics featuring Donald, his Uncle Scrooge, or his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie? For example, you might recall the 2010 movie Inception. It was considered groundbreaking, but we'd already seen it in the comics.    

In a 2002 comic book, eight years before Christopher Nolan's little dream exploration film, Scrooge got his mind hijacked by the Beagle Boys. The Boys were trying out new careers as dream-thieves and went into Scrooge's mind to steal the secret combination of his vault. If this sounds vaguely familiar, it's because that's exactly how Inception opens up, except you have to replace DiCaprio with talking dogs. Which, incidentally, would probably improve every single one of his movies.

After they're inside Scrooge's mind, the Beagle Boys have trouble differentiating dreams from reality -- again, exactly like the characters from Inception, who need special items, or "totems" in order to tell dream from reality.

When Donald Duck enters Scrooge's dream to help, he has to figure out a way to pry the Beagle Boys out of there. In Inception they use "kicks" to make controlled exits, like how the feeling of falling usually snaps you out of the dream. In McDuck's head, they do, well, the exact same thing.

There's more to the story about Inception, plus several other ways that the Ducks were either prescient or else they inspired something that came after. Read about five of them at Cracked. -Thanks, Tim!

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