Amusing Vintage Photos Of People Posing With Their TV Sets

Nowadays virtually every home in America has a TV set, since they're seen as a necessary electronic device even if they're only used for watching DVDs and playing video games.

But back when the TV was still an uncommon item those lucky viewers who owned a television set were proud of their purchase and loved to show it off whenever possible. They'd even invite the neighbors over to watch TV with them, so everyone could bask in the glow of home entertainment.

And as you can see in these vintage photos some folks even liked to pose with their TV sets in photos, standing proudly beside their new best friend like tech savvy pioneers.

Owning a TV set made you one of the coolest people in town, and owning a big, sexy color TV set was pretty much the same thing as being a rock star. Check out this guy- he reeks of fame, and it's all because he bought that sweet looking, top of the line television set.

See Amusing Vintage Photos Of People Posing With Their TV Sets here

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I remember the first TV I ever saw was a neighbor up the street. They placed it in their front window so anyone passing by could see that they had one.
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I know it was meant in humor, but that doesn't look like a "top of the line television set", even for that era. It looks like a relatively inexpensive color television set. (This feels like it's from the early 1980s, but I might be off by a few years.)
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