Celebrate Your Independent Sense Of Style With A NeatoShop T-Shirt

Murica by Hillary White

We celebrate American independence on the Fourth of July every year, but you can celebrate your own independent fashion sense all year round by wearing a NeatoShop t-shirt.

And right now until July 7th the NeatoShop is having a sale, with all t-shirt designs up to 20% off, so you can shop independent and dress independent for less!

Many Americans are feeling less than patriotic this year

Mars first by trheewood

Feeling like the future of this country is more uncertain than ever before

Hypnotrump! by Raffiti

But one thing is certain- Americans always celebrate independence hard

Independence by NemiMakeit

And we like to express ourselves through the clothes we wear!

Funky 4th of July by AnishaCreations

When our country goes through hard times

Abewatch by Hillary White

And the fate of the American people seems uncertain

#murica by moriARTy

The true heroes rise to the occasion and fight for justice and freedom

Wonderful Woman by Doodle-Heads

While the villains show their true colors and try to thwart forward progress


But Americans were born to fight monsters

Jawesome! by Vincent Trinidad

And those of us who believe in truth and justice instead of hypocrisy and lies

Sciencecorn by Hillary White

Will do whatever it takes to keep our country from falling under Big Brother's control

Big brother by karlangas

However, some people have begun to give up hope

Cats First America Second by Early Kirky

And they're starting to think about moving away and changing citizenship

My Country Is The Earth by Stationjack

But they're forgetting that you've gotta fight for what you believe in

Grizzly bear united states by Albertocubatas

And chop down any walls that stand between you and your freedom

Guns Aren't Fun by Pixeptional

But violence isn't the answer, because violence doesn't affect real change

Mind Blown by AndreusD

So don't lose your cool while protesting against those who want to take away our freedom

Over the Line (Not Nam, Bowling) by BinaryGod

Keep your behavior civil and sportsmanlike

No Crying by Kellabell9

And remember what makes America great

A Declaration by Nertee Designs

Like our ability to survive and rebuild after any catastrophe

Fight For Freedom by Kempo24

Our persistence and unity when it comes to fighting against fascism

Persist by Captain RibMan

And most of all our ability to team up and take down any puppets and pawns who stand in our way!

Team America by fishbiscuit

Celebrate your independence from boring fashion with a mighty cool shirt from the NeatoShop, which you can wear proudly all year round as a declaration of your personal interests

The NeatoShop is home to thousands of great designs created by indie artists for folks who don't want to wear the same shirt as everyone else, and we have the best print quality in the biz so you'll definitely get your money's worth.

And speaking of saving money- now through July 7th all t-shirts in the NeatoShop are up to 20% off, so head over and grab some fresh new tees for less!

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