Adidas Didn't Accept This Ad Submitted By Student, But Everyone Else Loved It

Adidas is one of the largest athletic shoe companies in the world, so they have plenty of funding for their advertising campaigns and don't need to go looking for free submissions from film students.

But Eugene Merher, a 26-year-old student filmmaker from Germany, decided to submit the ad he'd made for Adidas to their communications department anyway- and found his submission completely ignored.

Determined to show off his hard work despite the cold shoulder he received from Adidas he posted the ad online, where it instantly went viral and gave viewers all sorts of feels.

(YouTube Link)

Now Adidas is probably wishing they'd sent Eugene Merher a "thank you but no" letter at least, because this ad is getting way more love than any Adidas commercial in recent memory.

-Via Bored Panda

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It really has to do with litigation. I am sure they never even looked at it, (which would explain the no response). If they HAD looked at it and in any future ad they used something remotely like what this young man did, (which was spectacular), they would be open to lawsuits for copyright infringement.

And by "they" I mean they and their advertising agency. It's simply the way our law suit crazy world is.
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I thought of Cuckoo's Nest, too. This is a good short film, but it appears to demonize nursing homes. In reality, they are harder to get into than get out of. If a man in that good of physical shape needed to be in a nursing home, he probably has Alzheimers. If he wanted to run, it could be arranged for someone to go with him. Health care facilities encourage physical activity because it seriously keeps residents from dying.
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