Adidas and Puma to End 60-year Feud

The two sportswear companies Puma and Adidas, based in Herzogenaurach, Germany were founded by Adi and Rudolf Dassler. The two brothers made shoes together beginning in the 1920s but split apart during World War II, probably over politics. Sixty years later, the two companies on either side of the river will officially end the feud on September 21st.
When the brothers set up their separate companies in 1948 the town was also split, with residents loyal to one or other of the only major employers.

In a joint release, the two companies said they were making up to support the Peace One Day organisation, which has its annual non-violence day on Monday.

They say that the events will be the first joint activities held by the two companies since the brothers left their shared firm in 1948.

Adi and Rudolf Dassler went to their graves without settling their differences, and their descendants do not control either of the public companies. Link -via the Presurfer

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"I just know I’m screwed if Sambas ever end up being discontinued. Now if the hipsters would just stop buying the Sambas…"

Right... because that'll help them stay in production.
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I'm an Adidas guy. Sambas are the only model of shoes that I have been able to consistently wear, even when tossing out old pairs and breaking in a new one. I have very high arches and don't need arch support insoles for Sambas. They're simple, still in production and still very popular (football), but also fit my feet better than many other brands and styles... and even if I find something else that fits me well, the models tend to get phased out too quickly for me to be able to get them again when I've finally worn them out. I just know I'm screwed if Sambas ever end up being discontinued. Never really cared much for Pumas, or anything else really. Now if the hipsters would just stop buying the Sambas...
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If you are interested in the whole Adidas/Puma rivalry, and how that rivalry helped develop the current sports/advertising/sponsorship model that exists in the world today, you should take a read through the book "Sneaker Wars". It covers everything fairly well.
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The two brothers split for many reasons, a main one being that Rudolf(who was the business man in the partnership) wanted to go into more fashion/leisure products while Adi(who was more of a product creator/innovator) was set on remaining focused on performance and catering to athletes.

When they split though, not only did it split the whole town but also the family, their brother siding with Rudolf and their sister with Adi (During WW2 their sisters 2 sons were drafted into the war and could have been spared[both died]going to war if they worked for the Dassler brothers company. However Rudolf would not allow it because there was already "too much family conflict in the work place." Their sister never forgave Rudolf.)

Also they split in 1948 and Puma stared in 1948, but adidas wasn't registered as a company until 1949.

oh..can you tell where I work?
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