How To Deal With Grammar Nazis

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Grammar Nazis have been lurking around society since the very beginning, commenting on our misspellings and supposed grammatical errors just so they can feel good about themselves.

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These strict adherents to the Book of Grammar can't pass up a chance to put someone in their place for misspelling a word or using punctuation incorrectly, which helps Grammar Nazis avoid dealing with their real problem- they're jerks.

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Luckily, Grammar Nazis are also easily distracted, so if you throw some linguistic bait out they will come- and they will nitpick until they find a flea-sized error to turn into an elephant.

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Once you've trapped a Grammar Nazi you should lay into them with a barrage of intentionally bad grammar, which will tear them up from the brain down.

The Grammar Nazi will soon be susceptible to reprogramming, so they can be taught to generate self-esteem naturally instead of via needless correction...either that or their head will explode!

It's a win-win if you ask me...

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There is a difference between wanting to see English used correctly and correcting someone at an inappropriate time or context. The latter is where the idea of a grammar Nazi comes from, that someone acts like correct grammar is more important than responding to the actual topic at hand. There are also plenty of cases of people who act like they've made some sort of substantive attack on a statement by attacking the grammar instead of the content, and this is especially fallacious in a world where typos are easy even for people who very well understand spelling and the rules of grammar,
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There's a difference when you start correcting people you don't know. I will correct my children's English all day long. Neatorama writers are well-versed in English grammar, so anything odd in the posts is just an editing error or a typo, so I will correct the text when I see one. No need to harangue someone about an understandable error; I make those errors all the time.

It gets sticky when you correct people you don't know. Alex used to get corrected often by readers here, and they could get nasty. What they didn't know was that Alex was writing in his third language. One also might be correcting a newbie writer or an elementary school student who needs encouragement. I'd just as soon leave criticism to someone who knows their situation.
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