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The Creepiest Unexplained Phone Calls

Even though everyone uses a smartphone with caller ID nowadays, and we're far more likely to text than talk on the phone, there's still something super creepy about receiving a random phone call.

You answer the phone, say "hello? hello? HELLO?" with no response...only to hear a debt collector or telemarketer on the other end. *shiver*

But as frightening as those calls can be they pale in comparison to the calls on Cracked's list of The 6 Creepiest Unexplained Phone Calls, like the call that predicted JFK's assassination:

Sometime after 10 a.m. on a routine workday, an Oxnard, California, switchboard operator received a call from a whispering woman who dropped a bombshell: the president of the United States was going to die in 10 minutes.

That time passed without incident, but the woman, still on the phone, doubled-down: "The president is going to die at 10:30." She continued to babble away with cryptic statements like, "The Supreme Court. There's going to be fire in all the windows," and, "The government takes over everything, lock, stock, and barrel," before the call finally disconnected at 10:25.

Have you ever received multiple crank calls that really creeped you out because you were sure the calls all came from the same scary person?

Imagine how Bashir Kouchacji felt when he received death threats on a daily basis for over nine years:

The caller earned the nickname "L'Enfant," which we believe is Swedish for "the child," because the caller eventually decided that he wasn't being creepy enough and mimicked a little girl. Anyone associated with Kouchacji was a target, from his pregnant spouse to his restaurant employees. And the abuse got physical when the Star of David was scratched all over Kouchacji's Mercedes, although we're glad to know that constant harassment didn't stop him from making serious cheddar.

There didn't seem to be any escape. When Kouchacji traveled to Philadelphia to visit his sister, the calls kept coming there. Things got so bad he suffered a mental breakdown and committed himself to a psychiatric ward, but the calls continued to his restaurant, which we're guessing had a pretty high turnover rate.

This is just the beginning of Bashir's unexplained phone call story, which may have begun back in his home country Lebanon, where he was abducted and tortured for five days in 1974 because the PLO mistook him for a CIA agent...

See The 6 Creepiest Unexplained Phone Calls here (NSFW language)

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"The caller earned the nickname "L'Enfant," which we believe is Swedish for "the child,""

L'enfant is French. Ugh. Can't even be bothered to right click and google a word...
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