Laugh In The Face Of Fear With These Scary Funny T-Shirts

Homeyphobia by Boggs Nicolas

Everyone has something they fear in life, be it abstract or unnervingly real, but just as we're told not to wallow in our tears we shouldn't swallow up our fears- we should let them out and expose them to the sunlight on a NeatoShop t-shirt.

That way we can share them with each other and laugh at how small they really are in the grand scheme of things.

The fears that lurk in our minds are very real to us

Another Scary Clown by Mari Kari

And very hard to ignore

Scary Terry V3 by Demonigote

But if you think of the things you're afraid of in a different light they won't seem so scary after all

Cute Kid by Hillary White

And then you can say "I ain't afraid of no oogety boogety old fear!"

Nightmare Busters by Beware 1984

We learn to be afraid of stuff when we're young

Afraid Of Your Own Shadow by Djkopet

And we hide them deep inside the closets in our minds like a secret

Mr. Slender Head by Olipop

Until one day the thing we fear most comes knocking at our door

Are You Afraid Of The Dentist? by Ivejustquitsmoking

We shake and tremble as we're forced to face our fears

WTF Pigeons Scare Me by Mudge

And the world seems to be conspiring against us, staring at us coldly while we shake

Koala by PsychoDelicia

But all we really need to do is hop on that wave of fear and ride it into the dirt

Wocka Walker by RebelArt

And then you'll realize the thing you fear most is really no big deal

This Can't Be Happening! by Andysocial Industries

A realization that'll liberate you from the monster who has been stalking you all these years

Nightmare Busters by NibiruHybrid

You'll feel alive again and unafraid to face the future

Zombie Love by Chip Skelton

And after a time a new fear will come along to make you scared all over again!

Donald Hears A "Boooo!" by MannArt

People are afraid of all sorts of strange stuff

Sarah's Nightmare by ArryDesign

Like silly looking circus clowns

The Dancing Clown by Buby87

And the sound of balloons squeaking and popping

Where's My Pooch by Artistic Dyslexia

But just because someone's fear seems irrational or strange to you

Attack! by DinoMike

Doesn't make your fears any more rational or realistic

ZOMBIE PARK by Berserk7

Because we're taught to fear things for a reason

The Looking Glass by Naolito

Sometimes it's an instinctual way to save our skin

Is It Friday by Mr.Psycho.Com

Other times it's so we can avoid more mental trauma

Friday Night Fever by Theduc

But whatever the type of fear and degree of realism in our lives those fears must be eliminated

Slingblade Versus Jason by Lederman Studio

So let's try to eliminate fear from our futures and get back to fretting about love!

Motherly Love by Wolf Krusemark

If you're afraid you won't be able to find the perfect t-shirt to represent your uniquely geeky view of the world fear not- the NeatoShop has a design for you!

With thousands of print on demand designs to choose from, and the best looking prints in the biz, you will be nothing but thrilled when you shop for shirts at the NeatoShop- guaranteed!

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