Rainbow Contrail

Rocket News 24 tells us about Twitter user @KAGAYA, a photographer, who snapped this incredible photo and others at just the right moment. The jet went through a vapor layer when the light was ideal to reflect a rainbow.

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i know i will be blown off as a nutcase for saying this but...i'm going to say it anyway. between 1997 and 2000, at the peak of the chemtrail conspiracy fervor, the trails left by planes were VERY different, at least here in north carolina. regularly, several times a week the entire sky would be covered from horizon to horizon with a very precise grid pattern formed by between 16 and 40 individual lines. these grids would hang in place for up to 4 hours. there were also regularly huge geometric designs drawn in the sky of an almost artistic nature, composed of precise angles, star patterns, triangles, isosceles trapezoids, and even huge arcs and circles. on a couple of occasions while watching these huge patterns being formed the planes were joined by huge glowing balls and cigar shapes that also left contrails, but theirs were very dense and glowed as bright as the sun. after 2000 all this weirdness just stopped. since then i have only seen one strange artistic pattern and it wasn't nearly as impressive as the old ones. during the peak years even my most conservative and sceptical friends were hard pressed to explain what was happening. they knew it wasn't just normal airtraffic. many of them said they just didn't want to see any more of them or think about it because it just scared the crap out of them. i will not even try to explain what was going on, i have no idea. but it was not only not normal, it was something that took a massive amount of planning and coordination and a ridiculous amount of money to implement.
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I shot a similar photo at an air show in Russia last year, but from vapor condensing off a plane's wings during high Gs! https://instagram.com/p/7BHq5kIdt8/
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