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Get Ready For Some Shenanigans With These St. Patrick's Day Themed T-Shirts

Guardians Of St. Patrick by Boggs Nicolas

St. Patrick's Day is almost here again, and those who take the St. Paddy's fun seriously are starting to plan their fun.

But before you get your green beer and corned beef you've got to get geared up in the proper attire, and the easiest way to do that is to head to the NeatoShop and grab a St. Patrick's themed t-shirt or hoodie!

St. Patrick's Day is on Thursday, March 17th, right in the middle of the month

Lucky Mario by c0y0te7

But that doesn't mean the festivities have to be middle of the road

Kiss Me by Fishbiscuit

Because there's a lot more to do on St. Patrick's Day than drink and fight

Fighting Irish by Warbucks Design

And you don't even have to be Irish to enjoy the festivities!

Beer Me Up I'm Scottish Not Irish by Mudge

But most adults get together and do some drinking on St. Paddy's Day

Hammered Bros. by Versiris

And beer is the perennial favorite drink of choice

IRISH MAN by Oliver Banks

(Although to keep things truly traditional you ought to mix some Irish Whiskey in there too)

Empire Irish Whiskey by Grady Graphics

But maybe you should stick to beer if you want to party all night long

Mungo's Irish Extra St. Patrick's Day Stout by Mudge

And don't force yourself to have a good time

Darth Bender by Legendary Phoenix

You may start feeling funny after a few drinks

Mr. Greene by Ivejustquitsmoking

But you're no square so you'll go with the flow

Geometric Clover by Pyier

And hope you don't end up with a wicked hangover the day after St. Paddy's Day

Hangovered by Nana Leonti

Having a St. Paddy's Day hangover may make you feel a bit green

Green And Loathing by Aaron Morales

But don't worry- plenty of other people will be feeling green too

Frogs I've Known by Kenny Durkin

Of course, you could always skip the beer and simply hang with your buds

Save The Beers by Adrian Vargas

So you can be one of the only people feeling fit as a fiddle the next day

Bullseye View by Spudmunkey

But whatever you decide don't be a party pooper

I'm Clover It by PolySciGuy

Just have a few and enjoy, because who needs luck when you've got self control?

Beer Clover (Green) by Laughing Devil

You won't wake up feeling like a zombie

Zombeer by Patrol

And people will dig your charismatic attitude and think you're quite S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

Irish Vault Boy by Boggs Nicolas

Because in the end St. Patrick's should be about love and luck

cLovers by Lili Batista

So spread some green cheer this year

Love by JohnLucke

Whether you're unlucky in love looking for that four leaf clover in the litter box

Single With Cats by ClayGrahamArt

Or you're a magical superstar when it comes to comingling

Isaiah The Leprechaun by Bobby Bernethy

St. Patrick's Day is all about tradition, so let's make that tradition being lucky in love!

The Dragon's Knot by Beware 1984

Make sure you're covered this St. Patrick's Day in the best way possible- by wearing a NeatoShop t-shirt or hoodie.

The NeatoShop has thousands of designs sure to make you smile, including many festive choices for St. Patrick's Day, and all sales benefit the indie artists who create these awesome designs.

So get geared up for St. Patrick's Day to-day with a NeatoShop shirt!

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