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Get All Geared Up For St. Patrick's Day With These T-Shirts & Accessories

St. Paddy's, Saint Patrick's Day, that day when people drink green beer and pretend to be Irish- whatever you call it, and however you celebrate it, one thing's for certain- you don't want to leave the house without the proper gear or you're liable to get pinched!

If you're looking to make a bold statement this St. Patrick's Day then you should head to the NeatoShop and grab a geeky tee or two, or a fun St. Patrick's Day accessory, and celebrate in style!

If you're like most people you'll probably be attending a party on St. Paddy's Day

Saint Party's Day

Hanging out with some good friends and swapping tales of fame and fortune

Swap by Boggs Nicolas

Talkin' about your favorite numbers, or your favorite desserts

Epic Pi day and St. Patrick's 2 in 1 by Mudge

If you're out on the town you'll probably be looking for a pint

I'm Irish Do I Get A Free Beer?

And if it ain't green you might get a bit feisty

You Can Kiss My Blarney Stones

You'll be looking to go out on the town in style

Cocktail Top Hat Headband

If you're trying to have a crazy night out you might as well look the part

Shamrock Afro Visor

Or, if you couldn't find a sitter, your baby might be coming along for the ride, so let them show their pride too in a stylish and comfy onesie!

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Wee Irish Princess Baby Snapsuit

St. Patrick's Day is a celebration of Irish heritage and history

Empire Irish Whiskey by Grady Graphics

And many people are out to prove just how Irish they are

More Feck'N Irish Than You

Many won't make the cut, as green beer has a way of making one forget their own names

10 Percent Irish 90 Percent Drunk

There'll be plenty of good times to be had by all

I'm Irish- I Only Look Sweet & Innocent

And single people might end up meeting their soul mate

I'm So Cute I Must Be Irish

A lass who'll bring some rockin' good times into their lives

Irish Girls Rock

A man of mystery who likes to play games of cat and mouse

Ambivalence Cat by Tobe Fonseca

Romance could be in the air, as long as your drunken friend doesn't ruin the moment!

O'Feck Funny St. Patrick's Day Swear Words by Mudge

There are bound to be pints a'plenty poured on St. Patrick's Day

Beer Clover Green by Laughing Devil'

And lots of people wearing clover green clothing


You'll probably encounter a crazy dancer or two

Saint Patrick's Groot by Boggs Nicolas

And those who are crazy tired of drunken dancing and debauchery

I'm Clover It! by PolySciGuy

Somewhere there's a leprechaun watching over the whole affair

Leprechauns Made Me Do It

If you're looking for their pot o' gold you might want to wear something that helps you blend in

Leprechaun Headband

The more complete the disguise the better

Leprechaun Facial Fur

It's not going to be easy to get that gold

My Precious Pot Of Gold by Boggs Nicolas

But if you track a leprechaun back to its lair

Magical Droppings Guide by Mike Jacobsen

And use something strong to convince it you're one of its kin

Instant Irishman- Just Add Alcohol

You might become a St. Patrick's Day legend- either that, or you'll be cursed to wear a leprechaun's clothes forever!

St PatLINK's Day by Boggs Nicolas

When Irish eyes are smilin' you might not be able to understand a word they're sayin'

Slainte Mhaith Irish You Were Here by Mudge

As the libations flow so do the words, and words are easy to cross, but let's keep it civil people!

I'm A Drinker Not A Fighter

Try to stay above it all and keep your cool

Beer Me Up Scotty by Mudge

With any luck cooler heads will prevail, and your lips won't be too bloody and swollen for a kiss!

Kiss Me by Fishbiscuit

Keep those spirits high folks!

Irish Taste Tester

Live for the day, don't worry about tomorrow

Irish Today Hungover Tomorrow

Because St. Patrick's is upon us, and it's time to let the shenanigans begin!

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Let The St. Patty's Shenanigans Begin by Mudge

But just in case you're not into dressing festive on St. Paddy's here's a geeky design with plenty of green, so you don't get pinched!

Space blotch (Green Ver.) by FnC Works

Get geared up for St. Paddy's day the right way- head over to the NeatoShop and you'll find tons of great designs that'll make your friends turn green with envy!

The NeatoShop is full of fun and festive designs that can be put on a t-shirt, hoodie, even a baby onesie! Every sale benefits Neatorama and the amazing independent artists from around the world who create the designs that make our eyes smile!

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