How to Use a Fog Machine to Deter Burglars

A burglar breaks into your house. Even though the alarm has sounded and alerted police, he reasons that he has two minutes to grab your valuables and escape. Easy enough, right?

Wrong. The house he has targeted is now rapidly filling with fog. He can't see anything.

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Fog Cannon is a South African company that manufactures unique home security devices. When one of its alarms is triggered, it sprays out a fog that doesn't hurt anyone or damage your furnishings, but it reduces visibility to nearly zero. Its most powerful system fills 2,700 cubic meters of space in just 60 seconds.

-via Contemporist

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If this is in Johannesburg, the police probably won't be coming and you've already been called by a private security company that you've previously contracted and who are familiar with your alarm setup. The guys coming to your place with dogs and guns will be the private security from a company you chose. If you want to see a real threat to your family's from security systems in South Africa, you should see some of the security gate and fence arrangements that make it take 5+ minutes to get out of the back of your house in the event of a fire. This all assumes you're lower-ish middle class or better and can afford all of that.
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So police will be rushing to your house, alerted about the burglary, expecting possibly several well-armed men. Alarms blaring, so they won't be able to hear anything. And to make it more fun, fog so they won't be able to see a damn thing, either!

This sounds like the perfect way to accidentally kill your entire family, with the assistance of jumpy police, false alarms and mistaken identity.
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