22 Amusing Closed Captioning Moments

Image: Via Twitter: @RealWarhawk

Whether it's for a person who is hearing impaired, it's being used at the gym or in a bar, or some other specific situation, unfortunately, closed captioning is not always reliable. Yet fortunately, obvious errors in closed captioning such as these can lead to laughs. Adios, hasta mañana and che passa, Jacko.

Check out 18 more examples of unintentionally funny closed captions here. 

Image: Dimension Films, reddit.com / Via imgur.com

Who needs subtitles? | Image: ABC, reddit.com / Via imgur.com

Sometimes even the horses are confused by questionable closed captioning
Image: Walt Disney Pictures / Via pavlovthefreak.tumblr.com

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The location of the caption can depend on your play back device.

The accuracy can also depend on the device too, as some online streaming services, and definitely over the air transmissions, will have garbled CC. The small mistakes they show are nothing compared to the mess I've seen over the years, ranging from TimeCube-esque coloring schemes to what looks like captioning by the Swedish chef (not to be confused with actual captioning of the Swedish chef, which makes videos like this one worth a second watch).
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Sometimes subtitles are provided for hearing impaired persons, in this case often some background sound are provided, ....
The same may be valid for the "speaking spanish" subtitles, in case the spanish language occures in e.g. an english film and it has to be expected that noboby is able to understand this part of the conversation.
It is basically the same as in case of R2D2 / BB8 is subbed with some "Beep-Beep-Sceep-adeep" subtitles in Starwars.
Under this point of view 10 of the subtitles are completely correct and
5 just seem to be typos...
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