Did High School Students Die Because They Were Hypnotized By Their Principal?

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Hypnotism's validity is still widely argued in the scientific community, where they can't seem to decide whether people can truly be hypnotized or not.

But whether you believe hypnotism really works or is nothing but pseudoscience doesn't really matter in this instance, because students in a Florida town are dying due to their belief in hypnotism.

A high school principal named George Kenney used students and faculty from North Port high school as guinea pigs, practicing hypnotism on them without a license or much training, and at least three students are dead as a result.

The students were said to have received hypnotic "treatments" to help them deal with their problems but were instead left feeling a bit strange.

A few years later three of the students hypnotized by Kenney died within weeks of each other, one in a car accident and two by suicide, and Kenney was found guilty of a misdemeanor, practicing hypnosis without a license.

But was Kenney responsible for altering the brain chemistry of these teen students, or is the whole thing the result of overactive young imaginations?

Read more about these Students Who Died After Hypnosis here

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Playing with smoke: Find troubled teens. Mess with their heads (for whatever motivation). Teens die. Get blamed.

Not sure if this rises to the level of a logical fallacy, but it certainly falls into the categories of basic stupidity and abuse of power.
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