Amazing Things People Would Never Believe Without Photographic Proof

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Have you ever encountered something so awe inspiring that you had to take a picture of it and share it with all the people in your world, in case they don't believe you when you tell them about the experience after the fact?

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Before we had camera phones we were forced to use one of those old fashioned film cameras to document the event, but now we can prove the existence of the double banana by clicking a button and hitting send.

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Diply has put together a collection of 20 Awesome Things You Would Never Believe Happened Without Photographic Proof, and lemme tell ya- if you didn't have a camera handy when one of these amazing things happened you'd never forgive yourself for missing the photo op!

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Well 2 Master's degrees and common sense weren't enough to teach you how pointless it is to leave a "fail" comment on a blog!
Here's the news story about the incident, with an interview with the photographer and multiple photos that confirm it's real:

Of course, since you have two Master's degrees you probably know better than both of these stories, and the old couple who saw the whole thing, so my argument is invalid. Maybe you should get a job at Snopes?
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Actually 2 Master's degrees tell me that a full-grown buck's antlers are much, much wider than a standard NBA basketball, such that the deer photo is photoshopped or that is one overly inflated pinkish basketball. And then there's common sense.
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You should probably direct your comments about how un-awesome you found these photos to the people at Diply who put this collection together DannyJr, I didn't put this collection together since I'm not a writer for Diply. I did, however, find most of the pics to be pretty fun and awesome so I linked to the article here on Neatorama. Again not responsible for this collection, I merely linked to the article, so you're complaining to the wrong person.
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