Reddit Asks Late Night Clerks About Strange Things They've Seen on the Job

With the Kevin Smith movie Clerks as a reference point, a Reddit forum asked Redditors, “Late night store clerks, what is the strangest thing that’s happened on the job?” As you can probably imagine, the wild and funny stories came pouring in. Below are a few responses. Visit the link above to see more.

kane55: "I worked at a small convenience store in the early 1990’s. They had one of those fry delis that had chicken, jojos, corndogs, burritos etc. This particular night I had run out of burritos and chicken. I also shut the thing down and cleaned it all out about an hour before closing. About 5 minutes before I was closing up a guy walked in and asked for some burritos. I told him I was out of them, and that I was just about to close and the fryer was shut down. He walked around the store for a minute (I assumed he was looking for something else to buy) and then he came up to the counter, pulled out a knife and told me if I didn’t cook him some burritos he was going to stab me. I freaked out, but told him I had none to cook. I showed him the freezer and told him I would happily cook anything he wanted from it, but he will see I was out of burritos. He looked in it for a minute, turned to me and said, “You really are out.” I replied, “Yeah.” He then put the knife away and left the store.


I worked at a 24/7 gas station in a small college town. One night, the club across the street had a fight break out and about 50 people were pepper sprayed by the police when they responded at about 1:30am. Five minutes later cue 50 angry club goers busting into the store, running to the dairy cooler, dousing themselves in milk and then running back out. I just stood there in utter confusion and then told my boss I didn’t want the late shift anymore.


I work nights at a gas station in a pretty good neighborhood in New Hampshire, so usually it's pretty boring. One night I did have a customer really creep me out. I was just getting ready to close down the store when a little old man came in. He was small and dressed in khakis and a button down shirt. I made the usual small talk of asking him how his day was going. Then as I was handing him his change he firmly grabbed my wrist, made direct eye contact with me and said "hell is a real place and the devil has already got his hand on you girl, be careful"

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i worked the graveyard shift at an adult bookstore for a year and a half. i don't think i will ever hear stories that can compare with the insanity there. i would share but the post would get deleted. i'll just say that some of your most "conservative" and "religious" neighbors are actually the most perverted freaks out there, and if they think their secret is in danger of exposure they will actually kill someone. worst job i ever had.
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My friend was working at a gas station back when the station attendant pumped the gas for you. Some guy pulls up in his car and tells my friend to "fill it up". As my friend is putting the gas nozzle into the guy's car the man throws a lit cigarette out the window. My friend picks up the cigarette and throws it back into the guy's car and onto his lap. The guy screams "What the heck are you doin', man? Trying to burn me up?" My friend replied "What the heck are you doin, man? Trying to blow us up?" Some people are so stupid...
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I've been there! One station was next to a graveyard, a good half-mile from any other business and no houses close by. The spooky sounds were real, because there was wildlife all around. Not a great place to be alone and tired.
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