Anti-cheating Posters Pulled Over Reddit Post

A redditor who has since deleted his/her account posted this picture and said, “Just took a maths final with this on the wall of the exam room. It has formulas on that were needed in the exam. This poster got me an extra ~10% on the paper.” The post made the front page, although there was no real evidence that the story was true. Commenters expressed disbelief, as the formulas were not related to each other, the poster was hard to see, and the submitter had managed to take a picture of it before, during, or after a test in which phones are banned. But no matter…

The story got back to Plymouth University, which had used the posters. School officials expressed skepticism of the story as well.

Nevertheless, they did admit that the picture, which was taken from stock photography website Shutterstock, did include genuine mathematical formulae and as a result the University has decided to remove them for the rest of the exam period.

They said: "The posters used to remind students of the dangers of cheating contained official stock imagery, which included genuine mathematical formulae.

Adding: "In light of the concerns raised, however, the University has replaced the posters."

The moral of the story is, before you post something that is either incriminating or untrue, you should take into account the fact that anyone else who is at all involved will ether see it or will be told about it. -via reddit

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I was a sophomore in 1992, taking a midterm test in my American History class. For extra credit, we were told to name the presidents, from Washington to Polk. Next to the pencil sharpener: a poster with all 42 (at the time) presidents. I sharpened my pencil like 4 times during that test. Terrible luck with breaking my lead. Sadly, the poster was taken down shortly after (I was probably too obvious), and I was forced to memorize the presidents from Washington to GRANT for the final. I still remember the mnemonic device I used for those presidents.
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