Anti-Cheating Devices: From the Ridiculous to the High-Tech

Back in 2010, we showed you this ingenious DIY anti-cheating device made out of manila folders:

Fast forward to today and we're quite surprised to find that the trend of anti-cheating hats is still going on strong.

The Telegraph reported that students at the Bangkok Kasetart University were made to wear "anti-deceit paper helmet" for their mid-term exam. The photo, first posted to the university alumni's Facebook page (and has since been removed), went viral.

University officials were immediately put on the defensive - Nattadon Rungruangkitkrai, the teacher of the class, said that he and the students had discussed ways to prevent cheating. The paper hat was suggested by the anti-cheating paper hats.

"It was an agreement between us. No student was forced to wear a hat. Instead, all were happy to do so and thought it was fun. They felt more relaxed during the test," he told Bangkok Post.

Via Coconuts Bangkok Facebook Page

Oddity Central reported that the university's student council confirmed the teacher's statement. One student remarked "It is quite normal that people try to cheat in an exam, so the hat helps avoid distractions while doing the test. I feel very bad, and angry, that this has been seen as bad by outsiders."

Anti-cheating paper hat, however, doesn't seems to be effective enough for the students at Thailand's Civil Aviation Centre (allegedly). To combat cheating, they opted for the deluxe anti-cheating cardboard box helmet:

Recognizing that cheating today may be more than just peeking at a neighboring student's answers, a teacher made students surrender their smartphones during the exam, as this viral photo shows:

Image: unknown provenance - Do you know the backstory to this photo?

But the most high-tech anti-cheating techniques take a page from Las Vegas casinos, which undoubtedly have a lot of experience in preventing cheating.

Gaokao is a make-or-break college entrance exam that millions of Chinese students take each year. Dubbed "the most pressure packed test in the world" by Xinhua, it is only natural that many students feel the pressure to cheat.

That's why the Chinese government employs CCTVs and professional exam watchers, as well as wireless signal detector to prevent cheating by wireless headphones, two-way radios and other electronic devices:

Image: Shi Tou/Reuters - via NBC News

Photo: Sean Yong/Reuters

Did you teacher do something strange to prevent cheating in class? Let us know in the comments!

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A physics class was like that. One third of your potential grade was homework. It was handed out on Tuesday and due by class on Friday. The TAs could not solve all of the homework. His tests were worse. There was a true bell curve with the median at 50%. In fact it was a pretty easy class. If one got an average score on the test but aced all the homework, it meant an 'A' overall.
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This was the system at the undergrad university I went to, and while it was in many ways convenient... it also lead to professors making tests that were 4-6 hours long, or where they gave a whole day, or worse, a whole week to work on it. That resulted in very little sleep while double checking every answer, assuming people were able to get an answer for every question.
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I feel like the reasons people lie are diverse enough, that there will be many people who lie on something inconsequential but won't on things of higher importance or more serious situations. That seems like assuming anyone who takes something without paying will eventually steal something big, as if the person who took a bonus drop in a vending machine will at some point be robbing a jewelry store.
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My father is a professor. He has his rules and while some might find them strict, I like them.
Phones... Unless you come and talk to him first with an issue then Day 1 of class they get this statement: "This is your warning! If I see a phone or hear a phone during any class I am teaching you WILL be kick out of the room for the day. This is your warning!!! During exams or lab days if I see a phone or hear a phone, then you fail for that day and are kicked out of the classroom or lab. If you have a problem with these rules you may leave this classroom right now."

This might be strict but they were warned.
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