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This Shaolin Monk May Be Truly Indestructible

Some monks sit and read old bible verses all day, some sit in silence and pray for the world’s sins, and then there are those monks who train both their bodies and their spirits to become mighty enlightened.

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These monks become total badasses who can accomplish physical feats that seem impossible by normal human standards, their body conditioning pushing the limits of the human body to the very edge.

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Check out this video of a Shaolin monk who has trained his body to become an ultimate tool of awesomeness- he's able to withstand just about anything his sparring partner throws at him, including a drill to the head. (Warning- totally intense!)

-Via Cheezburger

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There are plenty of ways the human body can exceed the limits of what people would typically expect, both in situations that require training, and in a lot of situations that don't require training. Some of the things in the video, or variations of the same principles, end up being done by ordinary people in confidence building workshops (or in physics demonstrations), and just need some guidance on how to do it. Other stuff it is very difficult to gauge what, it any, limits are being pushed. There have been a few too many examples of martial arts masters claiming to be impervious to weapons getting hurt when tested by someone other than one of their students. Turns out students can be good at pulling their punches when risking hurting someone they look up to.
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Difficult to be sure, what with stroboscopic effects and all, but that drill seemed to be turning anti-clockwise. Still scary, but not /quite/ so scary.
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Excuse me, but I was reading your "How To Be A Shaolin Monk" guidebook, and I'm confused about something. What's this part here about "Step 1: Get a guy who isn't nearly as strong as you to operate the drill while you push it away with your hand"?
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