Shaolin Monk Throws Needle Through Glass

There's the silent, contemplate-y monks, and then there's the Shaolin Monks, who attain spiritual harmony by mastering the sort of skills you tend to see in Mortal Kombat.  I mean, they can't freeze you or anything, but it's not impossible to imagine that some of them could remove the spine from your still-living body with a single stroke.

Check out this guy's action, as he throws a needle through a sheet of glass. Oh, and better yet - the clip is slowed down to 1000 frames-per-second.  Badassery personified, ladies and gentlemen.

(YouTube link)

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LMAO at all you people sitting on the internet being all pompous about this, "HAW HAW HAW Goodness gracious, it's clear he's using a nail OF COURSE."

If you can do this, then you can be a douche on the internet about it.
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I noticed this on youtube.

The glass looks more like 1/8 inch. That is a needle, large but it is a needle.

On the video you see an average guy try it, and it bounces off the glass and sticks in his camera man's arm.

Now, I realize the average guy has no training at all, but if the glass is so thin and the "nail" so big, the result would have still been a broken glass. If it bounced, there must be more too it than exploiting the brittle nature of glass.

You can also see that what is stuck in his arm is pretty light and sharp like a needle, leaving just a pin prick in his arm, not a hole like a nail would have made.
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