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How The Average Woman Might Be Photoshopped if on a Magazine Cover

A hilariously named photo finishing business called "True You Retouching" edited photos of average women, as seen on the left, in the industry standard for people on the covers of magazines. Realistically, these models would not be on the cover of a fashion magazine unless they were public figures known for other reasons. This is ostensibly how their photos would be altered if they were famous authors or political figures featured as cover models, for instance (although something tells me these edits might be the tip of the proverbial iceberg).

See the rest of the series here. What are your thoughts, readers?

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That's the point of the article, though. It's to get that kneejerk "They look better to me in the original photos" response. And they achieved it.

Why not take the same pictures of these women, ask them what they'd improve first, and then do the retouching? Would there be as much freaking out? This is more a question of how they react when someone else says "this could be improved, " rather than an unrealistic expectation of beauty.
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"They are Buzzfeed employees. The same folks get the privilege of doing all kinds of humiliating things." I do that for free.
Sounds like a dream job to me.
And honestly: They all look better to me in the before pictures.
I think there is a place for digital refinishing. Removal of awkward shadows and highlights; erasing that suddenly-appearing pimple; maybe evening out a pose that looks a little off. Beyond those changes lies the town of Stepford.
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They are Buzzfeed employees. The same folks get the privilege of doing all kinds of humiliating things, like try on one-size clothing and reveal secrets about their sex lives. The guys get to romp naked for videos, and recently were asked to measure their penises. I should hope they get paid decently.
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It's ironic that this article is just another way of manipulating people with Photoshopped images to capitalize on their insecurities.

The group of women selected knew each other, and presumably had similar viewpoints. These were not random women. Presumably when selected, they were told they were "average", what would happen, and they would have understood the intent of the article. Negative reactions were not only encouraged, but expected. And of course the reactions will be defensive when you're being "beautified." That's human nature.

Now, let's tell these women they're gorgeous, pay them thousands of dollars to sit around in fancy outfits and makeup, getting their pictures taken, put them in magazines and make them famous, and see then if they complain about their arm hair being photoshopped out.
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