10 Offbeat But Useful Inventions

There are inventors who create life saving technology, inventors who change the way we live and those who change what happens to our bodies after we die. And then there are those who invent things that make the world a more colorful place, inventions that are offbeat in look and purpose, but actually get the job done...whatever that job may be.

Here are 10 inventions that may look a bit odd, but they definitely work!

1. FlaskTie-

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Are you tired of going through your workdays sober? Or maybe you just get really thirsty at work, and you're trying to stay hydrated without being conspicuous about your fluid consumption? Then you need the FlaskTie, the sane choice for the stylish sot!

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There's even a fashionable FlaskScarf for the ladies, so they can get their drink on wherever they go, just like the guys!

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2. Miesrolo Roll Up Chair-

Standing around all day can be hard work, but most portable chairs are either too long to carry around or not comfortable enough to satisfy your sitting needs.

Enter the Miesrolo Chair, which rolls up like a bundle of wood when not in use and rolls out quickly to form a seat when it's time to take a load off! It's not as light as most portable chairs, but sometimes we must make sacrifices to look this cool:

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3. Car Burger Caddy-

Fast fooding on the go has become far more convenient thanks to the Style Auto Back Seat Organizer With Tray, aka the Backseat Burger Caddy, created so you can sit down to a decent dinner in your car.

The burger caddy has a fold out tray for your burger, and separate compartments for your fries, drink and even sections for sauces and a fruit pie. Your pants may not fit around your waist as well as this caddy fits inside your car, but at least you can sit down to a decent meal while on the go!

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4. Micro 3-Wheeled Luggage Scooter-

Do you often arrive at the airport with about ten minutes until final boarding? Race your way to that far off terminal in style on the Micro 3-Wheeled Luggage Scooter, the snazzy way to slide on board just in the nick of time!

The Luggage Scooter is fully TSA compliant and fits into overhead compartments, and as a bonus you get to feel like a kid again as you roll through the airport!

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5. Hairy Leggings-

Women who are tired of being the subject of unwanted male attention should slip on a pair of these anti-pervert hairy leggings and let them know you're definitely not interested. They look warm, fuzzy and delightfully creepy, perfect for the sasquatch cosplayer or the raver looking to expand upon the furry boot theme.

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6. Din-Ink Pen Cap Utensils-

Eating at your desk, or at school or really wherever pens are found, means suffering through the utter disappointment of not having a set of utensils when you need them, leaving your mouth feeling unfulfilled.

Enter the Din-ink, a set of pen top utensils that allow you to write your own story about a most successful meal away from home. Simply slip a spoon, knife or fork tip on top of a pen or pencil and dig in! But try not to bite down on the pen too hard or you might end up with a mouth full of ink...

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7. Sleep Safe Tape-

Catching up on your sleep while at work (or wherever you're supposed to be paying attention) can be a real hassle because your eyelids give you away. Well, that and the snoring...

You may not be able to stifle your log sawing, but you can disguise the eyelid droop by applying some Sleep Safe Tape to your eyelids. This clear tape has a totally convincing eyeball printed on it, so you'll look like the most wide eyed employee/student/dinner guest in the room!

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8. Silicon Muscle Body Suit-

Working out is a real hassle, and it takes even more work to sculpt and maintain those sexy six pack abs, so why bother when you can simply slip a six pack on under your shirt? With this wacky Silicon Muscle Body Suit you can look like you just came from the gym at all times, provided no one lifts up your shirt.

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9. Hoodie With Computer Screen Attachment-

Using the computer at the library (or your parent's house) can be a real drag, because it's virtually impossible to maintain your privacy when anyone can just walk up and see what's on your screen.

Those who are concerned with their privacy and are forced to use other people's computers should invest in a hoodie with computer screen attachment, like this wonderfully bizarre getup created by artist Joe Malia. Finally you can look at your porn emails in private while you bask in the rejuvenating glow of computer screen radiation.

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10. Roller Buggy Scooter Stroller Hybrid-

Trucking your tot around town usually takes forever, even with those top of the line strollers that do all the driving for you, but when your baby is riding in a Roller Buggy they're in for the ride of their young life! Just try not to grind any curbs unless your baby is totally strapped in...

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Inventing useful items has never been easier than it is today, but when you've got an idea that's both practical and preposterous you've got the makings of a great product!

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