Nifty Inventions That Solve Minor Problems

People are always creating new gadgets, gizmos, devices and doohickeys that allow us to solve some of life’s bigger problems, but what about the minor inconveniences we suffer with daily?

What if the spaghetti keeps slipping off the fork, water keeps getting in your baby's eyes when they take a bath, or your pizza slices aren’t the perfect wedges you wish they could be?

Isn’t there some way we can achieve the perfection we so richly deserve in our lives?

With the help of these 23 Ultra-nifty inventions (to solve problems that don't really exist) we can be totally perfect people, free to feel the convenience coursing through our veins as we enjoy our daily victories over the little things in our lives.

Take that square pizza slices cut with a kitchen knife!

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They shouldn't say the problem “doesn’t really exist,” just because they’ve never had that particular problem.
I see many products on the market that I know I’ll never have a use for. Doesn’t mean others won’t.
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