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Celebrate Epic Pi Day In Style With These Pi Themed T-Shirts

Pi Day is nearly upon us again, but this year it takes on its most epic form ever as we celebrate Pi to the tenth number on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53, the most epic second ever!

If you're looking for a new way to celebrate Pi Day then head over to the NeatoShop and pick up one of these epic, and totally mathematical, Pi Day t-shirts. It's the kind of day that only comes around once a century, so you'd better make that epic second count!

Epic Irrational Pi Day by Mudge

Pi Day was created by mathematician Larry Shaw in 1988 to celebrate that most irrational number ever- Pi!

Pi by Perdita00

And for those who love mathematics the constant known as Pi is a pretty big deal

What's The Meaning Of Life? by Theduc

Larry decided to celebrate his favorite number on March 14th every year with (what else?) pies of all sizes and flavors

A Perfect Life Gaming and Pie by Boots

Raspberry pie? Sure, why not?

Funny Pi Day Raspberry Pi by Mudge

People may find Pi Day to be a bit too nerdy for their taste, but those who don't "get it" aren't invited to our nerdy party anyway!

The Nerd Side by Vahlia

And we're gonna be celebrating in the tastiest way possible, so they'll be missing out on the delicious fun

Apple Pi by tomburns

You don't have to be smarter than the average bear to see why Pi is important

Brainier Than The Average Bear

It's the number that makes all the difference between who's a square and who's part of a really cool circle

PiPolar Bear with Einstein Hairdo by Mudge

Pi is hard to pin down, at least in terms of decimal representation, because that string of numbers never ends

Extreme Math by Roy Condy

Which leaves some people looking for answers in all the wrong places

Math Problems

But you don't have to be a total math nerd to get on board the Pi Day party train

Vampire Bat With Pi Symbol Celebrates Pi Day 2 by Mudge

All you really need is a t-shirt that will help you blend in with those who are more mathematically inclined

I'm Good At Maths by Louisros

And perhaps some punny jokes about eskimo pi(e)s

Eskimo Pi by Manikx

Hanging with the mathletes means you'll be staying out of trouble

Do Math Not Meth by Dark Choocoolat

And you might even grow to love all the numbers, equations, fractions and such you used to find vexing

I Heart Math

And then you'll be besties with the numbers that serve as the backbone for all of space and time

Best Friends Forever by Coconutman

Some folks take Pi Day a little too seriously

It's Pi Day So Let's Get Ready To Humble by Mudge

So if you encounter a rowdy Pi Day reveler try to sedate them with a slice of pie

Mistaken Piedentity by Boggs Nicolas

Because everybody loves pie!

Apple Pi by Perdita00

Folks who have a ravenous appetite for desserts and numbers will want to have some friends over for a Pi Day buffet

The Very Unfortunate Death Of Pi Or Is It by Mudge

But try not to overindulge, or your caloric intake may reach into the octuple digits!


When you've discovered the power of mathematics you'll start to see a formula and order to the universe

Mathly Hallows by Lithium

A revelation that may knock you over with amazement, but try to be upstanding when the unmathly want to chat, okay?

Now What? by Coconutman

Be a mathematical hero this March fourteenth

Pi Joe A Real Science Hero by Manos pd

Go wild and celebrate this epic Pi Day your way

Irrational Pi Day Epic Pirate Symbol by Mudge

Grab yourself a sweet slice of delicious pie in honor of Pi

Mmm...Pi by Nathan Mazur

And have enough fun to hold you over for the next hundred years!

Pikachu Says Happy Pi Day by Mudge

Head on over to the NeatoShop for all of your Pi day needs, where you'll find hundreds of designs to choose from, including lots of math, science and, of course, Pi day t-shirts, as well as all things geeky.

Each sale in the NeatoShop supports Neatorama and the independent artists from around the world who create the fun and great looking designs sure to drive math loving people wild!

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