Torghatten—The Mountain with a Hole in It

(Photo: Tristan Schmurr)

This is Torghatten, a mountain in Brønnøy, Norway. There’s a hole that goes right through the center of it. The hole is 160 meters long, 20 meters wide, and 25 meters high.

(Photo: Morten Skogly)

According to one legend, Torghatten is the hat of an ancient king. A dangerous man chased the king’s 7 daughters. The villain shot an arrow at one girl, but the king blocked the arrow with his hat. A local travel guide recounts the story:

The sight alone of Lekamøya awoke a flaming desire in Hestmannen, and he decided then and there to steal her away at midnight. He mounted his horse and galloped southwards, in full armour and with his cape j flung over his shoulder. The seven virgins noticed his approach and fled in full haste until they could run no more; they flung themselves down on the ground near Alstahaug.

But Lekamøya kept on fleeing southwards while the king of the Sømna wit mountains watched over her flight. Dawn approached with its golden clouds, and the Sømna hng watched carefully as the disappointed suitor put an arrow in his bow. As the arrow winged its way from Hestmannen's bow, the king of Sømna blocked its path with his hat, saving Lekamøya from its sharp and deadly point.

The hat fell to the ground by Torgar. And just at that moment the sun appeared over the horizon and everything turned to stone..

The hole in the hat remains to this day. It’s open to visitors who want to walk through it.

(Photo: André Bernet)

This could inspire a great stunt by Yves Rossy, the Swiss daredevil who flies a jetpack. Perhaps he could fly through the hole!

-via Amusing Planet

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