Faroe Island's Grindadráp

Faroe Islands, located halfway between Iceland and Norway, is usually an idyllic and very scenic place. Except when it's time for Grindadráp, a controversial whaling event where pilot whales are herded onto the beach and then culled.

Whether you agree with whaling or not, you'll find these pictures noteworthy.

Link to Mario Paoluzzo's images (via growabrain) | Wikipedia entry

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Hi to all of you, I am martian. We have been watching you humans for centuries. This mass killing of dolphins is just another pathetic trait of your ignorant race. Instead of annihilating you humans with our deadly laser ray, we watch you destroy every earth creature including yourselves. It is a popular sitcom here on mars. Cheerio.
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You guys can talk and argue what you want, but you KNOW it's tasteless.

I'm going to organise a bunny beating. With hundreds of people looking, with a couple of guys I'm going to bat the living daylight out of 643 bunnies. In a humane way, of course.

Is it different than killing a fly or a germ on your teeth while brushing your teeth? Probably not.

But when I bat 643 bunnies to death YOU KNOW I'M A DICK!
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mir wird schlecht wenn ich diese bilder aus "Dänemark sehe.. mann kann gesichter und leute erkennen...
warum geht niemand hin um diese leute für immer hinter gitter zu bringen... wenn die meinen sie könnten männer werden weil sie delphine killen.. dann sollten sie mal an einem platz gebracht werden wo man mann sein muss um zu existieren... sperrt sie ein ... an dem richtigen platz.
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Well japanese kill/eat dolphins, australians kangaroos, canadians seals, koreans and chinese eat fuckin dogs.

But more or less i dont think anyone would give a fuck if a someone would drop a bomb on Faroe Islands.
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Hey, I've just had a great idea. Just for fun, me and a whole bunch of friends from England are going to go up to the Faroe islands and hunt a load of Faroese people.

It's ok, we'll eat them afterwards and make trophies out of their bones.
We won't make them extinct, we'll leave enough there to enable us to come back and hunt them again next year.

I'm being ironic of course, but I hope the point comes across. Pilot whales are a type of dolphin. Dolphins are the second most intelligent life form on this planet, even more intelligent that previously thought. We wouldn't slaughter chimpanzees or apes in this way, just because they look more like us.
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