35 Totally Magical Disney Tattoos

The Wonderful World of Disney is beloved by children around the globe and many of those kids continue to adore the company and its films as they grow into adults, and some of them even show that adoration in the form of tattoos.


One man is behind the entire Disney franchise, and this tattoo by Aldona Reyman is a lovely tribute to the man who made it all possible, Walt Disney.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

The castle at the heart of Disneyland is more than just an attraction, it's ultimately an icon for the entire world of Disney and all the magic moments they helped create over the years. This castle was inked by Tom Tait Tattoos and belongs to Kristen Brumpton.

Mickey & Minnie

Mickey might be the most famous animated character on earth now, but that was hard to imagine when he first appeared in Steamboat Willie back in 1928. Here's a tribute to the mouse that made it all possible courtesy of Lucky Dice Tattoo.

Here's a fun Disney fact: the first people who did the voices for Mickey and Minnie ended up getting married in real life. This adorable tattoo of the animated couple was done by Dean Denney.


Princesses are some of the most popular stars in the entire Disney lineup. This unfinished piece by Miss Mae La Roux is a fantastic dedication to those royal ladies.


It may still be a relatively new movie, but Frozen has already inspired plenty of tattoos, including this beautiful design by Dana Tyrrell.


I admit, Stitch is my favorite Disney character by far. This adorable portrait of the bratty monster by Miss Mae La Roux (you'll notice her name a lot in this article as she does a LOT of Disney tattoos) really captures his naughty, loveable personality.

Little Mermaid

It's hard to capture Ariel's beauty and innocence in one image, but with perfect shading and colors, Miss Mae La Roux managed to in this amazing portrait.

On the other end of the spectrum, it's also hard to capture Ursula's cruelty in just one image, but this massive backpiece, on Mark Barela and by Matthew Tillman, showing her full body, garden of "poor unfortunate souls" and her masterminding an evil plan to keep Ariel's soul, truly captures the dark side of the Sea Witch.


This mostly grayscale tattoo by Daniel Castorena captures the timeless beauty of this Arabian princess while reminding that you don't need a ton of eye-catching colors to make a Disney tattoo magical.

The Lion King

There's something distinctly Hakuna Matata about this cute tattoo by London Reese and hey, how could you have any worries with a smiling Simba on your sleeve. 

It's not every day a baby lion prince is born and Steve at Lucky Monkey Tattoo helped immortalize little Simba in this cool piece.


Blue Cardinal Tattoo Studio has proven they can paint with all the colors of the wind, or at least all the colors necessary to do a wonderful Pocahontas tattoo.

Beauty and the Beast

Artist Tim Shumate's tattooed princess series really struck a chord with tattoo enthusiasts who also love Disney princesses. Brent Olson did a particularly great job turning his tattooed Belle into a tattoo.

Beauty and the Beast may be a romantic tale that's as old as time, but the charming cast of characters really helped this Disney classic shine. Alisa, AKA Instagramer Nekomarie, knows just how delightful the singing objects are, which is why she commissioned Sarah K. to tattoo the crew on her leg, starting with the adorable Mrs. Potts and Chip.


Like Beauty and the Best, Cinderella wouldn't be nearly as charming without her adorable animal friends. This great tattoo by London Reese features the iconic clock, glass slipper and pumpkin from the Disney tale, but it also features the charming Jaq and Gus and one of the princesses adorable bird friends.


The same Sara K who did Alisa's Beauty and the Beast tattoos also did this adorable image of Bambi, Flower and Thumper. She actually does quite a few Disney-inspired tattoos so if this article leaves you wanting, you might consider following her Instagram.

Bambi might not be the happiest story, but his romance with Faline shows that even after tragedy strikes, we can move forward and learn to love again, making the film a beautiful tribute to the realities of life. This tattoo by Blue Cardinal Tattoos reflects the couple's introduction during the early part of the film.


He flies through the air with the greatest of ease -even without that adorable balloon attachment. Sarah K also did this delightful Dumbo tattoo for Karrie, aka Instagramer Kaweeeeeee.


While Aristocats might not be the most popular classic Disney film, it certainly has a loyal following -especially when it comes to fans of Marie. This tribute to the fan-favorite female feline was done by the fantastic Sarah K.

101 Dalmatians

Pongo and Perdy are the poster couple for puppy love and this adorable tattoo on Mrs. Jessica Fearless is a reminder of their precious pooch romance.

The Fox and The Hound

The Fox and the Hound is one of the most beautiful and heart-breaking stories of friendship ever told, and this tattoo by Nick King perfectly captures the duo's friendship before they are torn apart by the harsh realities of the world.

Lady & The Tramp

There are plenty of tales that describe a good girl falling in love with a bad boy, but Lady and the Tramp does it in a truly remarkable way with cute little pooches. This tattoo by Justin Brooks really captures the look of love between the two lovers.

Peter Pan

You know someone is young at heart when they have a tattoo dedicated to the boy who would never grow up. This particular Pan tattoo belongs to Tumblr user Chasing A Dream Out Loud.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Jessica may just be drawn that way, but it seems a little scandalous to have a Mickey Mouse tattoo on her leg rather than something dedicated to her dear Roger. Regardless, it's hard not to love this fun tattoo Miss Mae La Roux did on Pennie Thatcher.

Alice In Wonderland

Few inanimate objects are as famous and iconic as the "Eat Me" cookie and "Drink Me"  bottle Alice used to grow and shrink, respectively. These tattoo tributes by Bryony Alys are a fun representation of these crazy treats.

Artist Holly Azzara created this impressive Alice in Wonderland tattoo that actually covers Alice's entire story, starting from her fall down the rabbit hole including her meeting with the Mad Hatter and ending after her encounter with the Queen of Hearts.

Sleeping Beauty

Blue Cardinal Tattoos Studio (who also did the Bambi and Pocahontas pieces listed earlier) gave Aurora a beautiful art nouveau look in this piece and the result is absolutely stunning -much like Aurora herself.

There are those who are Auroras and those who are Maleficents. Whoever got this tattoo by Chris Hornus is obviously one of the latter.

Snow White

This Snow White tattoo by Ping's Tattoo was already featured on Neatorama, but with a whole backpiece telling the story of Disney's first full-length animation, it pretty much has to be on this list.

Disney's skull-like poison apple is easily the coolest illustration of deadly food around. Ryan Gatt did a pretty perfect tribute to the iconic apple in this incredible tattoo.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Nick Baxter did a delightful job capturing not only the images, but personalities of some of the most memorable characters from the Nightmare Before Christmas. The eerie, almost-glowing Oogie Boogie is particularly delightful.

There are a lot of Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos out there, but few are as delightfully scary as this Jack Skellington piece by Jordan Galluccio. The screaming ghosts, howling pumpkin and maniacal Jack face make the whole tattoo a fitting tribute to the Pumpkin King.

Haunted Mansion

With her beautiful face and haunting voice, Madame Leota has become one of the favorite icons of the Haunted Mansion. This tattoo tribute by Raul at Borderline Tattoos may have taken a few liberties with her looks, but her creepy style is still there.

When it comes to the artistic community, one of the most popular sights in all of Disneyland is the Haunted Mansion's stretching portrait gallery. This tattoo version of the tightrope walker by Grace Dlabajis a particularly accurate representation of the portrait.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Bringing Davy Jones to life on screen required an impressive amount of digital rendering to create an entirely life-like computer animation. This tattoo by Cecil Porter captures the depth of realism that made Davy Jones so darn creepy.

Do any of you have some sweet Disney ink? If so, share it in the comments and we'll keep this tattoo train going. Also, if you're looking for more Disney tattoos, don't miss the Disney Ink Tumblr, which played a huge role in  my sourcing pieces for this article.

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Too hard to prosecute. Tattoo artists don't sign their work, so unless they were caught in the act doing a Disney tattoo, by a company rep or lawyer, and then subpoenaing the person who got the tattoo as evidence, and only to get minimal return out of the whole ordeal... I think they're pretty safe. Now on the other hand, if a tattoo artist includes Disney characters as part of his flash at the shop, or advertises doing Disney tattoos, that would be a whole other matter.
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Considering that I have come across some bakeries are not allowed to do cakes or other products with Disney — or other copyrighted character — themes (or choose not to do them) because of licensing laws and the threat of lawsuits, I wonder how the tattoo artists are able to get away with using characters like Mickey, Minnie, or the various Disney princesses in their skin art.
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