Confused Frogs Try to Catch Worms on a Smart Phone

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The poor frogs don't understand why the worms taste like plastic and won't go in their mouths. Everyone takes at least one turn trying, though.

A question for readers: what is the human equivalent of the above experience?

-via io9

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By a post office where I used to live, there was a penny embedded in some tar on the road. Lots of people would try to pick it up, but it was really, really stuck.
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Human equivalent: Images of sexy women and men dangled before us in movies, advertising, tv, etc. enticing us to beat ourselves up in a desperate attempt to achieve the "ideal" (read often unrealistic and Photoshopped) proportions.
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The human equivalent is that while we are looking at our screens, watching frogs watch a video on a cell phone screen, the NSA is watching us on their screens. And some alien race is watching the whole thing on their high-power telescopes.
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