An All-Audio Video Game for the Blind

A Blind Legend isn't a video game that has been modified to make it accessible to people with visual impairments. It's designed from the outset to be used with only audio information. The player character is a blind hero who goes on a dangerous adventure in a fantasy setting. Allison Meier of Good describes it:

In A Blind Legend, you assume the role of a knight whose eyes were cruelly gouged out. To add insult to injury, your wife has also been stolen away by a ruthless enemy and you’ve been left only with your auditory senses to lead you to vengeance. […]

While playing A Blind Legend, the user’s screen remains dark, displaying only a vague, shimmering texture. Players maneuver through the game using simple swiping motions on their device to move their feet or their sword. The sound of your daughter’s voice guides your advance; you hear the clash of swords as you battle unseen enemies. Slowly, as the user acclimates, a complex, engaging environment begins to emerge. The audio is layered through binaural sound, a three-dimensional recording method designed specifically for headphones, which creates a convincing sense of sonic topography. To master A Blind Legend requires gamers to concentrate on elements that would just be part of the background in most other games.  

The developers are trying to offer a unique gaming experience for everyone:

A Blind Legend is aimed equally at non-sighted and sighted players eager for a novel gaming experience – using their hearing as the only way to orient themselves and take decisions. We want to offer non-sighted people a proper video game, with a rich storyline and tailored gameplay, which is as interesting for this audience as for sighted players.

They have a working demo and are crowdfunding a finished product. It will function on mobile devices and be available for purchase on iTunes and Google Play. 

-via Brian J. Noggle

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"An All-Audio Video Game for the Blind"

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