Man Claims to Have Tamed a Japanese Giant Hornet, Keeps It on a Leash

Japanese Giant Hornets (Vespa mandarinia japonica) are as scary as the name sounds. At two inches long, they're huge by hornet standards. They're aggressive and have killed people. You do not want them around you.

Unless you're Twitter user @mikuru625. He claims that he's tamed one enough that it willingly wears a leash.

He says that the hornet has occasionally bitten him, but never stung him.

-via Dave Barry

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Article linked by Dave Barry says: "He said that he had captured the hornet with a butterfly net and held it with tweezers while he removed its sting and poison sacs."
I find this to be very unlikely. At least in bees, removal of stinger and poison sacs inevitably results in the bee's death (Bee stingers are barbed and cannot be pulled out of flesh, and so they are left behind by bees after stinging, killing the bee and leaving pumping venom glands and stinger in the victim). There is widespread skepticism at Twitter, where the pictures are posted. Most viewers believe the insect to be dead.
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