Reflection Collection

Image: Philip Cornish

One of the best pieces of photography advice I've been given is "the best photo is often right behind you." You can be walking in new city and turn your head, often by chance, only to see unbelievably beautiful reflections in skyscraper windows and mirrored facades. Or in rural areas, a striking pastoral scene may be reflected in a fountain or body of water. As pictured here, even a glass of water or wine can be a blank canvas. 

Yet the reflective photos shown here were not snapshots. Careful consideration is given as to the perspective from which to shoot. Sometimes the desired angle has the photographer assuming any number of uncomfortable positions to get the capture they want. In this collection of 25 photos of beauty as seen in reflective surfaces, the photographers' efforts paid off in spectacular captures. 

Bridge, Commacchio, Italy
Image: uccio78

Chicago reflected in Lake Michigan
Image: Marc Hersch

Image: Patty

Milan, Italy reflected in a tuba
Diego Bardone

Skyline of Doha, Qatar

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I didn't say the skyline is reflected. The skyline is in silhouette. A shadow of the buildings. But the sunlight on Lake Michigan creates a reflection enabling the camera to see the shadow. So this shot is of a reflection, thus it belongs in this group of photo captures of reflections.
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Nope. This is most definitely a shadow, not a reflection. It is not a reflection of said shadow either. A shadow is an absence of light (here being blocked by the buildings). A reflection is the redirection of light from one direction to another. At most you could say the sun is reflecting off the water and the city is blocking some of that light from reflecting to the plane, however, you cannot say this is a reflection of the city itself.
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A physicist illustrated the multiple perspectives of the image. It is a shadow cast on Lake Michigan, the reflection of which was caught by Hersch from his window seat on an airplane. He took the shot with his iPhone. So it is a reflection. Of a shadow.
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My favorite of the bunch is the shot of the setting sun and the Chicago skyline, crazy beautiful and surreal. That said, I wouldn't call it a reflection. That is the shadow of the Chicago skyline, not its reflection.
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