Queueing Strategy

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Long ago, I learned this rule: when you're in a line, stay in it. No matter how appealing the other line may be, it'll get comparatively worse as soon as you change. Dance with the girl who brung ya.

Stay in Queue, a short film by Ferdinand Lutz, shows a bear who doesn't understand this. It won first place at the Kurz.film.spiele film festival in Konstanz, Germany in 2008.

-via Nag on the Lake

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Sometimes they get to that point eventually. But first they have to argue about why the debit or credit card was declined, try the other credit cards, check a gift card to see how much is on it, dig for change, ask the spouse for money (and of course the spouse hasn't been paying attention at all), and maybe calling Mom to see if she can bring some money down.

I can understand not having money, but you'd think people would try to keep track of it.
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I sometimes use a paper check at Walmart. Just hand them a blank check and they do an instant electronic withdrawal. It takes no time at all. What really holds up the lines at my local Walmart are the people who don't have enough money to cover their purchases. That happens constantly.
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That's me at the checkout lanes at Walmart. Now randomly replace 3 of the bears with old people who are paying with a check (a paper one) and who don't even take it out to start writing it until after all of their items have been scanned.
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"Queueing Strategy"

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