Girl Left Contacts In For Six Months, Amoebas Ate Her Eyeball

Contact lens wearers know the risks that come with placing that little piece of plastic directly on to their eyeballs, and cleanliness is king when it comes to keeping your eyes healthy, which means taking your contacts out, and disinfecting them, on a daily basis.

Here's an example of why it's important to take them out daily- Taiwanese college student Lian Kao left a pair of contact lenses in for six months, which allowed a microorganism called acanthamoeba to move in beneath the lens.

Acanthamoeba feeds on bacteria, not human tissue, but her eyes were already home to tons of bacteria from leaving the lenses in for so long, so as the acanthamoeba fed on the bacteria it burrowed further into her eyeball to keep feeding on bacteria, which left her blind. *shivers*

Her condition is called acanthamoebic keratitis, which can occur from not properly disinfecting your contact lenses, so take a lesson from Lian and disinfect your contacts daily!

-Via IFLScience!

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