A Handy Gadget for Dealing with Those People--You Know--"Huggers"

There's one in every group--someone who is way too physically affectionate, even in formal environments. Anaïs Paulard, a French jeweler living in the UK, devised this solution to your hugger problem. It's a balloon filled with power resting delicately in a spiked broach. You may have to embrace your hugger once. But it'll be the last time.

(Video Link)

Paulard, though, did not design this piece with hugger-repelling in mind. That's just my own idea. She's thinking more romantically:

"My heart fills up like a balloon that’s about to burst” Lester in American Beauty. The sensation you feel inside. The joy of sharing a moment with someone you like, simply give a hug. Hug, burst, share…

-via Lustik

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"A Handy Gadget for Dealing with Those People--You Know--"Huggers""

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