20 Great Adventure Time Crafts

Come on, grab your friends. It's time to journey to distant lands. We get that chance with every episode of the wonderfully amusing and deep cartoon Adventure Time. Pendleton Ward's brilliant show has inspired a legion of fans to make crafts. Here are some of their best works.

Pictured above is a pop-up book by endless-whispers. Here's a card that s/he made using characters from the gender-swapped episodes.

Loki is an artist who specializes in modifying rubber ducks to look like pop culture figures. Here are her rubber duck versions of Jake and Finn.

If you've been searching for a life-size Lady Rainicorn plush . . . well, you'll have to keep looking. But this pillow by Rewa is 7 feet long from nose to tail.

Baaky, an artisan in France, makes coffee tables inspired by pop culture, including Ghostbusters and Star Wars. Here's a table that looks like Lumpy Space Princess.

You can look both formal and informal at the same time while wearing Laura Alice Sainsbury's painted high heel shoes.

Rock out with Finn and Jake using Renate Pommerening's painted guitar.

Or, if you prefer, the quieter tones of this ukulele by Fay. The smooth, glossy finish is impressive!

Many fans have made functional guitars inspired by Marceline's ax bass, including this one by Ashley Montgomery.

In the gender-swapped universe, Marceline is Marshall Lee. His ax guitar is a bit different. Yaphi's replica shows this alternate version.

Adventure Time is a visually imaginative show in a very different Earth, so there's a lot of material for fans to work with. Many fans create replicas of the swords on the show, including Finn's Demon Blood Sword. Here's Brian Johnson's version made of PVC board.

If you're a trained blacksmith with a quality forge, you can work with a lot more than just PVC. Tony Swatton, a blacksmith famous for reproducing pop culture swords, made a fully functional replica of Scarlet, Finn's first sword.

Later in the series, Finn wields a magical sword made of grass. Propmaker teratone duplicated it using plastic blinds as a source material.

Bruce Carr is a professional balloon artist. With enough balloons and a lot of skill, he can create amazing sculptures. Here's one that he made depicting Princess Bubblegum.

The Enchiridion is a rare, ancient magical book that provides instructions for heroes. Thanks for Adventure Time crafters, it's now widely available! Michelle Brady made this copy.

If you want to go on adventures of your own, make sure that you stow your gear properly. Silk Miramere made this cloth replica of Finn's backpack.

Many Adventure Time fans wear their fandom. Here's one of several dresses and skirts by Rocking Horse Design that are inspired by the show.

For a formal occasion, such as a job interview or a funeral, you may need to wear a necktie. Jamie Ferraioli made three hand-painted Adventure Time ties.

Etsy seller The Pin Station East sells custom hatpins, including a series that shows Adventure Time characters as Batman characters.

The color is a perfect match! Art & Delirium used a laser to engrave the face of Jake into a Bic lighter.

Here's Finn and Jake carved into the graphite of a pencil. Amazing! I suspect, but cannot confirm, that this sculpture was made by Dalton M. Ghetti, an artist who specializes in this field.

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