12 Cool My Little Pony Clocks

This Pinkie Pie clock by DeviantART member madcomputerscientist reminds us of something important: now is always the right time to post ponies. That is why, today, we look at inventive timepieces made by and for bronies.

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Among the most impressive My Little Pony clocks that I have seen is this pendulum clock by Decodrew. It shows Derpy Hooves, the mailpony of Ponyville. Decodrew is a craftsman of impressive skill and precision. In addition to this clock, you can see that on display in this automaton of Derpy that he built.

Applejack is a member of the Apple family, has three apples as a cutie mark, and works on an apple farm. She's all about apples, so it's appropriate that her clock by Lucas shows her in the middle of a big apple.

Lucas has a lot of experience making pony clocks. He's made no fewer than three clocks showing the cellist Octavia. The shape of the clock appropriately reflects her cutie mark.

If Rainbow Dash has ever appeared on screen playing a guitar, then I've missed it. But, like Lucas, I can definitely see her playing in a rock band.

Confused by this clock? That's our Derpy! The mail may not arrive on time, nor at the right place. But it will arrive somewhere, eventually. MintShard's Derpy clock may be hard to read, but you'll be fine as long as you have access to the first clock in this list.

Vinyl Scratch (or DJ Pon-3) is the most popular and successful DJ in Equestria. The party just hasn't started until she steps behind the turntables. Since she uses records, Asukatze made a clock for her out of a vintage vinyl record.

Rainbow Dash is not exactly a morning person, but Aaron promises that his alarm clock featuring her will make waking up 20% cooler.

He also made a similar clock with Derpy Hooves. Additionally, Aaron may be working on a Pinkie Pie clock that wakes you up with Pinkie's signature song. But that was 2 years ago, so he may have cancelled the project.

Rainbow Dash looks like a tough customer in this clock by Etsy seller ArrowValley. S/he made a similar work for fans of Star Fox.

Chibi has made clocks that fans of many different franchises will enjoy, including Adventure Time, Batman, Cowboy Bebop, and more. Her entire gallery is worth a look, but I especially like this Fluttershy clock, which is one of several pony clocks that she has built.

eBay seller Natalia has a specific niche: Rainbow Dash clocks. Here is one featuring the great flier from the My Little Pony movie Equestria Girls.

Here's a lovely Rainbow Dash clock. DeviantART member farondk etched and stained it from a piece of pine.

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