Meet Mr. Poo- India's Anti-Public Defecation Mascot

(Video Link)

It seems that crap is literally piling up on the streets and sidewalks of India, becoming one big, smelly mess that affects the health and hygiene of the people, so UNICEF has come up with a catchy way to remind people to deposit their waste in the proper receptacle- Mr. Poo.

He's the stinky star of an advertising campaign, a really catchy music video that urges people to "take the poo to the loo", and a video game where players flush away the villanous Mr. Poo's legion of turd minions.

Mr. Poo is someone you don't want hanging around your city streets, not to be confused with Monsieur Le Pew, who also stinks but is way more fun to be around!

(Video is NSFW due to language)

-Via Topless Robot

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"Meet Mr. Poo- India's Anti-Public Defecation Mascot"

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