Are You Tone Deaf?

You better believe I've been asked this question a few times, almost always right after someone heard me singing. I knew I wasn't tone deaf because I can play piano and a few other instruments, and I did well in music theory back in school. Still, I took the Tone Deaf Test to make sure, and to see how difficult the test is. If you're not tone deaf, it's easy! Simple, for everyone, really -it only taste a couple of minutes, if even that.

So I'm not tone deaf. What I am is a really, really bad singer. If I ever run across a "can you carry a tune in a bucket" online test, I will try that one, too, in order to bring it to you. But I won't show the results. Take the Tone Deaf Test here. -via Geekosystem

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100% here. I'm pretty good with tones and singing in general so expected a high score.
One of my best friends (with whom I spend a LOT of time) is on the verge of tone deaf AND loves to sing. Now that's a challenge! For friendship's sake, I can sort of tune it out but I've been very thankful for an mp3 player and earphones. I tell myself every time: Happy people sing! ;)
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The difference between the two tones is too great to be of much use. I can't imagine very many people getting it wrong. (I ran subjective speech quality experiments for many years, and you really need to measure much more subtle differences.) My pitch differentiation is poor (telling if a guitar is in tune, for instance), yet I got 100%.
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Not tone deaf at all! I have almost no upper-range hearing in my right ear (can't hear crickets if I lie down with my left ear on a pillow) and am developing tinnitus in my left ear (sounds like cicadas all the time), but I still aced the test.
How tone-deaf can people be? I mean, I once tried to listen to a movie using only the right speaker on a set of ear buds, and couldn't tell if the people were speaking English or Japanese, but I can distinguish tones. If someone rates as "tone deaf" on this test, I can't imagine what their aural environment must be like.
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