The Noiseless USB Karaoke Microphone Is A Lifesaver

Are people getting tired of hearing you sing, and now they're starting to shoot dirty look daggers into your heart, causing you to lose faith in your future career as a singer?

Then you need to get this plunger looking thing and strap it on your noisemaker. It's called the Noiseless USB Karaoke Microphone and it just might save your life.

If you can't control the urge to belt out a tune in public your life might be in danger, because not everyone appreciates hearing your rendition of "Lady Lumps" "My Humps" while riding home on the subway.

Don't attract attention to yourself, sing your little heart out with this guy in place and, not only will you look like a crazy person and scare the bad people away, you'll avoid bringing the wrath of the tone deaf down upon your head. So Karaoke it up, in peace.


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I'm stunned that anyone anywhere ever took Black Eyed Peas seriously. My introduction to them came from an extremely embarrassing Superbowl halftime show when I thought perhaps they were a joke band that was supposed to be rushed off by a good band in some rock opera comedy. But no. They just sucked.
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"The Noiseless USB Karaoke Microphone Is A Lifesaver"

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