Dad Moved Teen's Messy Room Out on the Driveway

Your teenager has a messy room? So did Craig Schlichenmeyer. But Craig didn't just grumble about it! After his daughter failed to clear out her room, the Long County, Georgia father decided to do it for her ... the extreme way!

Schlichenmeyer moved the daughter's entire room out onto the driveway, with a big sign that read "Haley, room moved to driveway. Clean it next time."

"One day I had enough of it, I picked up her belongings and set her room up in the driveway," Schlichenmeyer said to WTOC. "I just set her room up the same way it's set up upstaris in the driveway. To shock her."

The father said that his daughter is actually a great kid, and that even though she was upset at first, but they'd worked it out in the end. They even took advantage of having all that furniture out of the way: they spent the day painting her room.

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I'd agree with you before I become a parent. Parenting is hard and, it *is* very much about control.

What this particular father did was very drastic, but as the article explained it was not the first thing he did. Only after earlier more reasonable attempts failed that he resorted to this.
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Trying to publicly humiliate your daughter is a good way to not a have a relationship with your daughter. People with control issues this severe should seriously consider not having children.
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I think we forget sometimes, these are kids. KIDS. They look to us, as parents, to set the rules and enforce them. He did not beat his daughter, or simply scream at her. He showed her a consequence of her lack of action. He did the correct thing. She is the child. Her room is under her parent's roof until she turns 18. We have to stop giving our children more power than ourselves. Look at the generation we have now, spoiled entitled kids. Teaching them proper discipline, and giving them proper rewards helps to teach them how to properly behave as adults.
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Perhaps the room wasn't so in order BEFORE he moved it onto the driveway. I honestly think he did the right thing. My mother was very strict as well about such things and I can only thank her now that I'm grown.
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