15 Epic Crafts Inspired by 300

Have you guys seen 300: Rise of An Empire yet? If you have and you absolutely loved it, hated it but adored the original or if you still haven’t but only because you’re biding your time, you might want to show your Spartan spirit with some delightful handmade 300 crafts. Here are a few that might inspire your loyal followers one day.

This Is Jewelry!

When it comes to 300-inspired jewelry, no one has you covered quite like GeorgeArtJewels of Athens, Greece. Sure the creator might not actually be from Sparta, but this is about as close as you can get to getting real 300 armor that is socially acceptable to wear wherever you go. Choose from a Spartan shield pendant, an officer’s helmet pendant, a Spartan helmet ring or even Leonidas’ damaged helmet in key ring form.

Spartans! Prepare for Glory!

If GeorgeArtJewels doesn’t have quite what you’re looking for, perhaps you should head over to raulsouza’s shop to see if you can get a Leonidas’ helmet ring to call your own. The shop only carries a limited selection of goods at once, so you might have to contact the seller to have him make one just for you.

The Cost of Blood is Fashion

For a truly authentic ring version of Leonidas’ helmet, you’ll want one in the right color though, and FtiagmenoStoXeri’s version is the closest you will find to the real thing in finger size. The seller is only releasing 100 of these limited edition creations, so if you want one, you’d better act soon. The seller also offers a lovely shield pendant if you’re looking for some matching accessories.

Helmets On

If you don’t like the look of Leonidas’ helmet after it’s damaged–or if you just don’t think you’re quite worthy of the big guy’s signature armor, AddingtonKarpathia has a clean version of the Spartan helmet in ring form so you can shine in your finger armor.

A Spartan's True Strength is His Crochet Skill

Of course, if you want a helmet for yourself, but aren’t big on that metal clink of real metal, you can always head over to TheClaytons’ Etsy shop and grab this pattern to make yourself a crocheted Spartan Helmet.

When Free Men Stood Against A Tyrant

If you just insist on going for glory with something more realistic, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better Rise of An Empire helmet than this cool piece by HenchmenProps.

Kneeling Will Be Hard for Him

For those who have always longed for a Leonidas to call their own, here is a string doll version from BkkDollHouse you can carry around in your pocket. The seller even made Leonidas a little Xerxes to play with, but you might not want to put them to close together or else Leonidas may be tempted to prove that even a god-king can bleed.

By Spartan Law He Will Stand and Play

Maggie Wang made a slightly larger version of King Leonidas based on the Sackboy from Little Big Planet. Maybe it’s just me, but that would be a pretty fun level to play on the game.

Tonight We Craft In Hell!

Amigurumi is everywhere these days and apparently it’s even in Sparta, as evidenced by this recreation of the movie’s most famous scene by DeviantArt user Sparow-dream.

Riding Into Battle

You’re no one ‘til somebody ponies you and Leonidas is certainly someone and he has the pony to prove it thanks to May McMinski.

When the Few Stood Against Scissors

For those who prefer their crafting in paper form, here’s DeviantArt user InmortalMind’s take on Leonidas that won’t be easy to crumple up and recycle.

Tick Tock

Both in history and Frank Miller’s version, The Battle of Thermopylae lasted only a matter of days, which means every moment counted. While you’ll probably never feel that kind of pressure, this cool Spartan Helmet wall clock by OjectIndustrialArt can help remind you just how precious time is and to not waste another second.

Shields Up!

Oddly, that’s not the only 300-inspired clock out there. Rob Garcia made this cool clock based not only on the beat up shields of the fighting Spartans, but also on their spears and swords, which serve as the clock hands.

Only Spartan Birds Give Birth to Real Chicks

Are the birds in your yard surprisingly tough even when attacked by flocks of larger birds? Then celebrate the way few stand against many with this delightful Spartan bird house by ZekesSurfShack.

Good Smells for Any Greek

Wish you could smell like Sparta’s famous king? Then head to Etsy and check out DarkBeautyBoutique’s Leonidas solid cologne. If you’re wondering what, exactly the leader of the 300 smells like, I’m willing to bet it’s not quite as nice as this fragrance, which combines fig, apple, bergamont, sage, honey, leather and amber.

If you’ve seen the new movie, let us know what you thought of it (no spoilers please). If you haven’t, or even if you have, let’s talk crafts, what 300-inspired craft would you be most likely to make? I’d like to do a little felting of Xerxes, largely because I’d like to try piercing it afterwards.

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