Artists Depict What It Feels Like To Have A Migraine

Anyone who has dealt with the mind bending pain of a migraine, and those who have watched a migraine sufferer struggle to keep it together when their head is full of pressure, knows that migraines are more than just headaches- they can really ruin your life.

The pain, the pressure, the effect on vision and other senses, make migraines a uniquely terrible experience, one which inspired artists and sufferers to illustrate for a book by Klaus Podoll and Derek Robinson called Migraine Art: The Migraine Experience From Within.

The images found in this decidedly niche art book. like those shown here by Michael Bolls, depict the sufferer's experiences with extreme head pain, with many equating it to a horrifyingly painful psychedelic trip. They're making my head hurt just looking at 'em!

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Never thought to try to depict my migraines as a picture but those pix do a good job. I've had them since my teens and am still sort of hopefully waiting for the day when they just won't happen anymore....
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I get the jaggedy lines periodically, but not the pain (thank god). Still, the visual distortion is bad enough I can't see through it, which is frustrating because I do commercial art for a living and watching what you're trying to work on collapse into distorted rainbow lightning bolts is a nightmare. Plus you never know how long the episode is going to last.
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I very much relate to the second picture, as well. I had my first migraine aura a couple of years ago and the jagged lines in the upper left (they were in my visual upper left as well) and rainbow effect are dead on.
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I periodically get migraines, altho typically less than one a month. I looked at the source link, but of them all, I completely relate to the second image you posted here (the guy in bed).
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