Visual Migraine

Known Johnson experienced a visual migraine, which is when the blood vessels in the visual center of the brain are affected, causing weird vision sensations. He then created a flash animation to show others what the experience is like. Link -via Metafilter

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i had my first experiance with this when i was 27yrs old.i am now 55 yrs old and i still get them about once a month.for me,they seem to be stress related.considering the stress of the economy,i expect to having a lot of altered vision this year
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I get these right before actual migraines... Except the shape kinda looks like a blank line, and the colors bend around it... Then as my migraine gets worse, the shape gets longer, and bigger... It also increases the size of my blind spot, so I can't see anything small.
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Hmm, I've been experiencing a similar phenomenon (only the zig-zagging is more black and white than color) for years. I didn't realize there was a name for it. I never particularly worried as it never lasted terribly long and never hurt or anything.
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I'm glad someone took the trouble to visualize this. I've been having them too (luckily without any headache / migraine), but I was wondering what it was. It's very annoying and disorienting.
I'm glad I have something to show people, as it was really tough to describe.
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