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In case you’re just waking up, today is March the first. It’s still winter, officially, but February is behind us, which is a relief in itself. The Academy Awards will be bestowed tomorrow night, Mardi Gras is Tuesday, Lent begins Wednesday, and we are only a week away from the beginning of Daylight Saving Time. The NCAA March Madness tournament begins on the 18th of this month -and doesn’t end until April 7th. While most of our traditional holidays remain fixed, annual cultural events such as the Oscars, Superbowl Sunday, and March Madness seem to creep a little every year. The Oscars are getting earlier: for decades, they were awarded in April. Sports events creep later, to make the seasons more profitable. In the next few years, they’ll have to rename the basketball tournament April something. Submit your suggestions now! Anyway, let’s take a short look back at what we’ve done this past week at Neatorama.

John Farrier gave us 14 Facts You Might Not Know about The Brady Bunch.

Eddie Deezen told us about The Most Incredible Episode of M*A*S*H.

The Curious Case of the American Accent was from Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader.

Mental_floss magazine brought us Andrew Jackson: The Indestructible President.

The Name Number for Astronomy was from the Annals of Improbable Research.

In this week’s What Is It? game, the pictured object is a lid from a mason jar mouse trap, patent number 1,077,104. Mmm, mouse in a jar! A lot of people got the answer right, or close to it, even when they were trying to be funny. Lucas Gentry wins a t-shirt for the genius idea of a pickle-jar lid, in which a pickle is speared for easy retrieval every time the lid is put on. Someone should make that! The other winner is pascals_force, who said “It's a cleverly modified lid for those that just HATE dropping the lid and having it land on the wrong side.” That’s nonsensical enough to win a t-shirt! Thanks to everyone who played this week. See the answers to all this week’s mystery items at the What Is It? blog.

The Whodunit by Hy Conrad this week was A Suicidal Murder. Since we have a What Is It? and a Whodunit every week, we really should come up with a When Was That? or a Where Is It? puzzle, too. I’ll work on that when I get caught up on everything else, so don’t hold your breath.  

The post with the most comments this week, beside the giveaway, was Stereotypes and Bigotry in Science Fiction & Fantasy followed by The Most Incredible Episode of M*A*S*H.

The most popular post was This Circular Ship Was the Weirdest Warship Ever Built. Coming in second was 14 Facts You Might Not Know about The Brady Bunch and The Curious Case of the American Accent was third.

The post that got the most hearts was Super Mario Theme on Ancient Instrument, with Funny Children’s Book Satirizes Modern Art in second place, and Seth Rogen Testifies Before Senate About Alzheimer's Research was third.

The most-emailed post was Man Snaps His Fingers to Summon His Sugar Glider, followed by a tie between Dave Doesn’t Get the Drag Lift and These Cake and Ice Cream Shoes Look Good Enough to Eat.

Over at the Homes and Hues blog, the biggest post of the week was 12 Beautiful Bathtubs Perfect for Relaxing. Indulge your fantasies of taking a bath in a boat, basket, or a shoe!

You need to check in on the Neatoramanauts Facebook page every day for extra stuff. The biggest post there this week was a photo of a geeky doctor’s office.

The most popular image at the Neatorama Pinterest boards was this panda cat. There’s a lot to check out over there, and you can sort the vast information by your interests: cute animals, history, fashion, geeky news, funny pics, food, and other categories.

You should check out the selection of St. Patricks Day t-shirts, accessories, and gifts at the NeatoShop! Now is the perfect time to order what you need for the parade, party, or just for fun.  

Stay with us, the week coming up is going to be even better!

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