Anime Recommendations and Open Thread

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I started watching anime several months ago. In fact, since last summer, I watched little television other than anime. Girls und Panzer is my favorite series so far, but I thought that I'd recommend a few others that have proven entertaining. I've tried to avoid serious spoilers, but you will find synopses below.

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Maoyu/Demon King and Hero
I'm currently watching Maoyu, a fantasy series that demonstrates remarkably well thought-out worldbuilding. It's about a conflict between humans and demons, which is not unusual in amime. But efforts to resolve it consist largely of economic measures, rather than combat. The series provides a fascinating story centered around capital expansion, commodities trading, monetary policies and investment banking. In short, the main characters try to end a prolonged and stalemated war by making peace more profitable than war. Maoyu appeals to my inner Ferengi.

(Image: Arms Corporation)

Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai/Wanna Be the Strongest in the World
This is a lighthearted show about an idol singer who, on a whim, decides to become a professional wrestler. It's the most original premise that I've encountered in an anime. I'm not really pleased with how it is resolved, but the grit and determination of the main character, Sakura Hagiwara, is admirable. And at the end of a long, demanding day, it can be nice to have a show that doesn't require me to think too hard. This show fits that bill.

(Image: White Fox)

Hataraku Maō-sama/The Devil Is a Part-Timer
It's a funny premise: the demon lord of another world is cast out of his kingdom and thrown into our world. He finds himself penniless and almost devoid of his magical powers. So he starts working at a McDonald's. He dedicates himself fully to becoming the best McDonald's employee possible and proves to be excellent at his job. This is the first step in his plan to take over Earth. After all, he knows that if he does well, he'll be promoted! Eventually, succeeding at work will lead to worldwide domination.

(Image: Asread)

Yu-Sibu/I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job
Yu-Sibu is somewhat similar to The Devil Is a Part-Timer. The long war between humans and demons has come to an end. The main character, Raul, had trained extensively to be a professional hero. Now that the war is over, he's unemployed and has no marketable skills. So he works as a sales clerk at an electronics store. One of his co-workers is a member of the demonic aristocracy. Yu-Sibu is funny, but it also affirms the nobility of ordinary, honest labor.

What anime do you enjoy? In the comments, share your recommendations and any other reflections you have on anime.

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