16 Great Works of Attack on Titan Fan Art

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Attack on Titan is an anime series which premiered in 2013. It's set in a world in which, 100 years previously, humanity was almost annihilated by the sudden appearance of giants which swarmed over human settlements, feeding on people.

The remaining humans built enormous stone walls and retreated behind them. They are, presumably, the last remnants of the human race. They've lived there for a hundred years in safety. Then a new type of titan--their term for these giants--appears.

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Richard Eisenbeis, Kotaku's anime critic, calls Attack on Titan "the breakout anime of this past year." Having watched the series, I can understand why. It's a show about suffering, courage and perseverance. It has compelling characters and mysteries that have seized the interest of many fans around the world. Here are some of the works of art and crafts that they have made in response to the show.

Illustrator Ron Chan made this funny piece mashing up Attack on Titan with My Neighbor TotoroHange Zoë stands next to a friendly Colossal Titan, waiting for the bus.

This latte by an unknown artist shows a Colossal Titan attacking one of the walls.

Titans want to eat you, so you eat them right back! Here's a bento made by Emiko. It's made of rice, imitation crab meat, sausage, seaweed, fried eggs and pickled plums.

And for the hungry titan on the go, here's a bento that looks like the unflappable Captain Levi.

There's no shortage of Attack on Titan cosplay photos online. This one really stands out. Here's yukigodbless's dog dressed up in full battle gear, ready to take on the titans. I think that he's supposed to look like Armin Arlert.

It wasn't Santa Claus who visited Snow Tigra last Christmas! She made this stocking showing a Colossal Titan peering over a wall.

Want to show your love for the destroyers of human civilization? Try this playfully romantic cake on the next Valentine's Day.

Adventure Time and Attack on Titan are both post-apocalyptic stories. Here's Finn the Human as the great hero Eren Yeager as drawn by Simon Adventure.

Attack on Tintin--a cute pun by Courtney. Captain Haddock, Tintin's friend, has been hitting the sauce a bit too much again. He's probably modeled after Hannes, since he wears the insignia of the Garrison.

Attack on Ice King by Jamie Sutherland imagines Finn as Eren Yeager and the Ice King as a titan.

There's a lot of My Little Pony and Attack on Titan mashup art online. Here's kel's drawing of Rainbow Dash fighting a Colossal Pony that, for some reason, reminds me of Pinkie Pie.

Artist Liu Yan has a great idea. Desmond Miles from Assassin's Creed would probably be an excellent soldier in the war against the titans.

So would Korra from The Legend of Korra, as Ann illustrates. Here's Korra using the 3D maneuver gear that humans use to fight titans.

Titans range between 5 to 60 meters tall. The largest are known as Colossal Titans. Perhaps AnnoyinglyCute could make a set of nesting dolls to scale.

I'm currently watching The Devil Is a Part-Timer, an anime series in which Satan loses his powers and is forced to work at a McDonald's. It's a funny show. Here's zipskyblue's mashup of that show with Attack on Titan. He made another one featuring the Ace Attorney series.

You can't wear your uniform everywhere. If you're going out on the town, try this pinafore by Amadna Marin. It shows the insignia of the 104th Trainee Squad.

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I'm curious about the walls, too. They'd be too massive a construction project for a society fighting a losing war.

Alas, I haven't figured out their origin. I'll wait to be surprised.
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*SPOILERS* maybe. I hate to be "that guy" but according to the show, the walls were given to them by god. That could be a metaphor, but if you look the very final seconds of the series, it could mean that the source of the walls may still be a mystery or god just likes to screw with people or both.
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