30 (more) Life Hacks Debunked

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In the latest mental_floss video, John Green follows up on the previous video from October that checked out common internet tips on how to make your life better. There are thirty tips tested, many of which are not worth your time to even try. Once you watch this video, you'll know which ones they are!

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Thank you, Kevin. I was just going to write the same response. The core comes out nice and easy if you don't smash the head of lettuce into mush like that guy did. Usually one or 2 'slams' on the counter will break the core out from the head.

Also, that coat hanger hack for a cookbook would have worked better if he hadn't broken the hanger in 2. Each clip would have held one side of the book. Use a hanger with adjustable clips (they can move along the main frame) and it will fit any book, any size.
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Yes you can easily remove a lettuce head core by smashing it in a flat surface..
John just did it wrong..
which is why he hurt his hand.
You grasp the head with one hand opposite the core and slam it down on the surface.
The core will come right out.
Not an internet hack but a old,old, old kitchen hack.
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